Jared Haftel And His Successful Achievements

Jared Haftel has definitely proved to be an individual that has a lot of drive and the spirit to achieve great things in his life. He is a great example for other young ones, that want to be able to work as investment bankers. Jared Haftel began attending Duke University in 2005 and he graduated from the University 2009. He did many things during his time in college at the University, and he was able to amass many degrees. Jared boast of degrees in economics, mathematics, and science. These were areas of study that interested him and he also knew that they would enable him to perform his desired profession. Jared was planning to become an investment banker and that is exactly what he did. The reason that he decided to study these three different areas is because he knew that they would be helpful in his future career.

Jared wanted to do all that he could to be able to start his career off right, and because of that he did a summer internship with Credit Suisse in 2008. After that Jared applied and was able to obtain a job working at Merrill Lynch as an investment banking analyst. Working at Merrill Lynch is a great privilege because it is one of the most well known banks in the entire world, and Jared was able to responsibly carry out all the tasks that he was in charge of. As an investment banking analyst Jared was in charge of tracking commodities information for defense and aerospace industries, chemicals, and metals.

While working as an investment analyst at Merrill Lynch he was able to give his expertise to such major companies such as CONSOLE Energy, and GeoEye. Apart from working for Merrill Lynch, Jared was also able to serve as an investment banking analyst for Bank of America, and he was able to help both of these companies to keep track of major investment opportunities.

Jared also was able to work as an associate of Vector Capital. The success that Jared had in his young life proves that drive and determination are two things that are very important for a person to be successful. Working as an investment banker is a position that requires a person to use a lot of skill and brainpower. Jared made sure that he majored in three subjects that would aid him to have those skills. Jared gives a great example for potential investment bankers, and he has also written a few articles to help other graduates know how to dress well when they are working as interns. He has also written articles giving advice as a banker and analyst. It is great to see that Jared not only is a professional in his own right, but he also wants to help potential investment bankers to be successful as well.

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