BRL Trust – Putting Clients’ Needs First

Looking for an investment company that fits your specific needs has never been an easy task. Investment companies often seem to span as far as the eye can see. Many offer the same things and many more state that they are the best out there. You are truly looking for a firm that will act as a steward for your money as if it was there own, and in the busy world of investing that type of find is a rare gem. When it comes to choosing an investment company that will truly put your best interest first, it can be extremely difficult. Choosing one that you trust can often feel impossible.

BRL Trust Investments, written about by, makes this sense of security possible. The company was founded with a humble and focused purpose: to serve as stewards of your money through transparency, trust and integrity, both for institutional clients and for individuals. BRL Trust got its start in 2005, serving in the private loan field. As the year wrapped up, the company found itself on an growth trajectory, already in charge of more than 100 loans.

BRL Trust, written about by,  gained experience as it grew in both its size and its client offerings, never forgetting the focus on transparency and stewardship. The company continues to grow at a steady pace, adding new specializations as it felt it was able to fully master the success of those specialties for its clients – rather than jumping head in. This, perhaps, has been one of the reasons for the long-term success BRL Trust has seen – patience. The company’s mission statement is clearly taken to heart by team members, as well as upper management. The statement states that for BRL Trust, ethics is always the first focus in every situation and strictly tells employees to consistently put the interests of clients always above personal.

Due to demands of its customers, BRL trust expanded and diversified its offerings as the years progressed, including areas such as Mergers and Acquisitions, Administration and Management of Investment Funds, and Capital Markets, while always observing the need for total segregation of those activities.

Flash forward to today and BRL Trust Investments is now Brazil’s largest independent administrator of investment funds, according to the Anbima ranking. The company is brimming with seasoned talent that ensure a steady and successful path and is also highly attractive to new and up-and-coming talent, who wish to work in the investment sector, while knowing they are consistently putting clients’ needs first. Executive leadership will be the first to tell you that employees are the company’s strongest asset. This type of company culture is extremely refreshing, especially in the world of investing, and is one of the reasons BRL Trust continues to expand its global footprint.

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