American Economists Say There’s No Danger Of A Crisis After Stock Market Drop

Many economists around the country think the stock market selloff is not going to create a global crisis. Christian Broda, the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management, is an expert investor as well as an economics professor. Broda spends a lot of time studying China’s economy. And he thinks the Chinese government will stop their internal financial crisis one way or another. Broda and other economists know that the Chinese are not going to allow their stock market to crash even though it has lost 38 percent of its value over a three month period.

Global indexes have lost about 10 percent recently, but there is little chance that the U.S. Stock market will follow the China stock market drop, according to Broda and other economists. Several economists think this sudden selloff is just a touch of volatility in a long-term upward trend. Broda is quick to say that China is an account surplus country which means commodities are excluded, so the Chinese slowdown will hurt commodity exporters more than the economies of other countries. Economists in China say other countries are using their situation as an excuse because they feel their actions are not the reason for the drop in stock prices around the world.

Downward spikes in the stock market are not uncommon, and those spikes don’t usually signal a major downturn, but they can, according to some economists. The big question is, did China cause the stock meltdown or is the market drop a normal market adjustment? The answer is a little of both, according to Broda and other economists. China is in the process of stabilizing its currency and trying to boost their manufacturing base. Those issues can’t be solved overnight, but they will be solved by the Chinese government because their form of capitalism is authoritative.

Some investors say now is the time to buy stocks. The risk reward factor is favorable according to the Relative Strength Indicator. But not every investor is convinces that now is time to buy stocks. Investors are looking at real estate and other investments in the short term, and that may be a good idea for investors that think the economists are not always right.

Advertising Techniques in Brazil

In order for one to profit from his business and succeed in the industry, there needs to be some awareness spread about the company. In order to do that, one has to advertise the company. There needs to be a campaign that not only tells people about the company or the product, but it also has to make the product attractive. People have to be made to feel as though they need to have this product. There is another problem and that is the method used to advertise the product or company. If one doesn’t know how he can advertise, then his company is going to be dead in the water.

Fortunately, there are many different mediums that one could use to advertise his company. There are online spaces, television spaces, radio spots, newspapers and magazine spots that one could use in order to advertise the product that they are willing to sell. It is not wise to settle for one medium. Using a combination of media is a very effective tool for reaching the audience. A combination of television commercial, online ads, fliers and paper ads can go a long way towards bringing awareness of a product or company. However, there are skills that are needed to bring out the appeal of a company or a product. This may require the help of a professional with special skills and experience.

One person who has these skills is Claudio Louriero. He has a lot of skills and experience when it comes to working on new ventures. He definitely has a lot of experience in establishing new start ups, and business cultures. He is very effective in playing for the team and is a good leader. He knows what is needed to bring about awareness of a company and a desire for what the company has to offer. He works skillfully in creating advertising campaigns that will compel people to try out the products or services of a company.

Advertising is an important part of business success. If one does not advertise and just relies on building his business, then people are not all that likely to find it. He will not have that big of a chance in making sales.

The Fed’s Signal To Raise Interest Rates

The United State’s Federal Reserve Bank has recently indicated that it will raise interest rates for the first time since December 2008. However, with the continued sluggishness of the economy and price inflation at .2%, the decision could well be deferred. In trying to understand how the interest rate, inflation and wages work together, it is necessary to understand each component of the economic puzzle separately.

Inflation is a rise in prices. The rise or fall (known as deflation) can be a result of a number of factors. At the most basic is the fundamental economic theorem of supply and demand. As the supply of a product is greater than the demand, then the price of that product should, at least in theory, fall in a free market. Similarly, when the demand increases, the supply is reduced and prices rise. A healthy amount of inflation (around 2% a year) is considered good for the economy as a whole as it allows producers to pay more in salaries, provide more benefits and expand facilities.

Wages paid to employees by businesses have been stagnant for the past several years, as there have been more employees than jobs (supply exceeding demand). This has acted to keep prices down since another factor in the economy is the availability of money. No matter how needed a product is, if people can’t afford it, then the producer will not make any profits, and the economy staggers. No profits mean no expansion, no raises and possibly layoffs.

Banks lend money for the expansion of manufacturing plants and other capital investments by companies. Interest is the amount that banks charge their customers for the use of this money. However, banks only have so much money to lend, and they in turn go to the Federal Reserve to borrow money. In order to encourage economic expansion, the Federal Reserve reduces the interest it charges to banks. As it becomes less expensive for banks to borrow from the Fed, then they are more likely to lend more money to their customers to expand. That rate as mentioned has remained virtually the same, near zero, since 2008.

When the Fed raises the rates as it has signalled it would do so later this year it will likely mean that some of the economic growth in certain industries will slow allowing for prices and the labor market to adjust. Job growth will slow which is consistent for limiting inflation.

One economist watching this debate unfold is Christian Broda. Broda earned a Masters and a Doctorate in Economics from MIT. Working as an analyst for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, he studied international economic issues. Later Broda became a tenured professor of economics at the University of Chicago, edited several academic journals, and is currently the managing director of Duquesne Capital Management, a New York hedge fund.

Investment Banking, Alternative Funds, And Highland Capital Management

Today’s investment banks are important both for investors who want to place their money in a fund that offers them more interest and better fruits for their labors, and for businesses who need the extra capital that investor funds can afford them. Most of the time you think of stocks, bonds and mutual funds as being the key investments, but there are a lot of other alternative funds that investors may look into to add more risk or diversify their own portfolios. Most investors want their money placed in business sectors that are on the rise, or where the markets are always going to have a strong demand.

One company who has specialized in alternative fund investments is Highland Capital Management, based in Dallas TX but has offices all around the world. Highland has practiced sound investment practices focused on offsetting risky investments with safer ones, and they’re employee-owned and offer solutions with the best interests of their investors and not their products. One of type of fund that Highland Capital has used is the Collateralized Loan Obligation, a fund that takes a mix of high-risk investor funds and low-risk ones, categorizes them in a set of classes which also takes into account how risky loaning to a certain borrower may be, and places them in a pool. This has been done to increase capital available to businesses that need an increased loan amount. The founder of Highland Capital Management, and one of the first proponents of a CLO, is James Dondero on

Dondero has over 30 years of investment managing experience, dating all the way back to when he graduated from the University of Virginia. His first investment banking stint happened at American Express, where he managed more than $1 billion in alternative and fixed income funds. His reputation earned him a jump into an executive position at Protective Life GIC, and with GIC being nothing more than an idea when he joined, Dondero made it into a $2 billion asset holder in just 5 years. While Highland Capital wasn’t officially named such when it was first founded, Dondero along with Mark Okada took a portion of shares from GIC and used them to start up PAMCO, which would eventually become the independent Highland Capital Management Company. Since then, Highland Capital has taken off building up a portfolio of over $21 billion in investments.

Brian Bonar and the Finance World

Currently the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation is Brian Bonar and was in an online interview with website where he talked about the strategies his business has taken. ITEC is well known to be a leading developer of software that is used in management of color, integration of digital hardware and organization of services. Remarkable transformations in the company have been noted since it changed from dealing with production and development to offering marketing and other services for a duration of the past one year.

The Group CEO attributed this to the successful transformation and the business strategy that was adopted in the acquisition earlier on. These strategies have seen the company make major strides in coming up with new opportunities of serving its customers by offering administration service which is the main reason behind the fast growth rate being experienced by the company. According to Bonar, the company’s strategy on expansion will help them capitalize on their current customers by ensuring that they will be offering them solutions that can work out all the negative problems that they face during their administration.

This has made ITEC to acquire companies that engage in personnel management and practices related to employment. The aim of ITEC is to capitalize on the balance that a company experiences when it offers solutions and administrative services on office services. This made ITEC to proceed into hiring a professional employer organization (PEO) who are called SourceOne group. When offering human resource and payroll services it does not segregate between large and small businesses. When all these transactions are made ITEC must pocket around $40 million in addition to the revenue that it generates in every fiscal year. Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

ITEC has decided to go for PEO which is a large industry and still growing so that it will enable it to integrate its services by offering its large base of clients the products of its offices. This will help the company to leverage its services and also the products of ITEC so that it can improve its services, retain its customers and make sure it makes some returns as profit. Still in the interview, Brian showed confidence that the structures it had brought together via acquisitions was done through a well thought out strategy that will give them stable sales and major personnel support. Since the small companies are not able to compete at the world level, ITEC will have the opportunity to harness experts input in them.

Vijay Eswaran’s Timeline Starts Good and Ends Great

The life and timeline for Vijay Eswaran is impressive and can even be used as model for personal and professional success. The start for this timeline is not so unlike many others, and the turns in it are not all exciting. However, the end results and evidence of Vijay Eswaran’s good works total more than one to say the least.

Vijay Eswaran’s time line begins October 7th, 1960. Pushpavathy Chinnaiah and Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu are Vijay’s parents and are credited with raising him. Just 24 years after birth, Vijay graduates from the London School of Economics with a degree in Socio-Economics. Not long after that, the man receives certification from CIMA in the UK. Following through with his education, Vijay achieves an MBA from Southern Illinois University in 1986. Twenty six years is not long at all, in a lifetime, to reach that level of education.

With formal schooling and higher education out of the way, Vijay is presented with an opportunity for MLM marketing in a company named Synaptics. Vijay does well there but really starts to make his splash when he joins the Cosway group. Without a doubt, this where he learns the ins and outs of business building and also gains valuable networking connections. With the credentials, experience and network building behind him, Vijay co-founds the QI Group of Companies. Not only does he help build the QI Group of Companies he is named the executive chairman. Vijay also establishes Qnet in 1998. With so much done in so little time it is no wonder that the man is recognized so often for his work.

In recognition of his service and effort, Vijay is presented with the “Special Award for Education and Leadership” by the Malaysian Prime Minister of Education Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh. But that is not the only major recognition he receives. Vijay is also awarded “CEO of the year” by Malaysian Business Advisory Council and presented an award by the Malaysian Minister of International trade Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamed. He deserves such accolades as a philanthropist, speaker and the man responsible for the Quest International University in Perak.

Beside earning awards for long time service in business and education. Vijay writes on the subject of personal success and reflection. His titles, “In the Sphere of Silence”, “In the Thinking Zone”, “18 Stepping Stones” and “On the Wings of Thought”, earn him the bragging rights of being a published author. Perhaps that is why Vijay Eswaran is one of Forbes Asia’s “Heroes of Philanthropy”.

Art Sale Shows Off The Collection Of Adam Sender

Adam Sender was once best known as a hedge fund manager heading the successful Exis Capital company, a career choice which led to Sender’s reputation across Wall Street growing to see him become one of the best known managers in the financial industry. Like many successful hedge fund managers Sender became known for the quirks in his working day, which included darkening his office and studying more than 20 computer screens. These behaviors proved successful for Sender and helped Exis find success and built his own fortune that he directed towards a contemporary art collection that is one of the largest and most distinct of recent times.

The private art collection of Adam Sender was often displayed in the offices of Exis Capital and included large installations, paintings and photographs by some of the best known artists of the latter half of the 20th century. Sender began collecting art in 1998 and claims he quickly knew the world of modern and contemporary art was an area he was comfortable looking for masterpieces in. In 2011, Sender stated he was able to find masterpieces by contemporary artists that were affordable and could be purchased at galleries and shows by the artists themselves without the issues of attending auctions.

Such a large collection as that created by Adam Sender makes it one of the highest quality groups of art placed on sale in recent years. The current sale will see more than 400 pieces by 139 artists make their way onto the auction block, but the sale is also a chance for Adam Sender to make sure the art he has collected is viewed by the public for many years to come. Large scale installation like Donald Young’s One Hundred Fish Fountain may have the chance to be viewed on a regular basis in museum and gallery spaces once the sale is complete. The majority of the work collected by Adam Sender was curated by Todd Levin, which adds an extra sense of gravitas to the sale and shows the commitment to research and focus Sender has for all the aspects of his business and personal life. Adam Sender alsowas discussed by BusinessInsider.

Susan McGalla as businesswoman

The business world has many opportunities for a variety of jobs. Historically the business sector has been dominated by men. That is not true in today’s business world. The climate is changing. Business women like Susan Mcgalla are making their names known. There are many women who are taking lead roles in companies across America and the world.

Women can combine their nurturing personalities to care for, and successfully manage a business. By nature women are social and can read personalities well. This helps women who are in managment positions. This innate skill helps them form relationships easily and earn trust quickly. These are important factors in the business world.

There are many examples of successful businesswomen. This article will look at women who have become leaders in big corporations. One such example is a woman named Susan McGalla. Susan is more than a businesswoman. She is also a strong leader. Her professionalism has helped her thrive in areas such as: marketing, managing accounts, operations, promoting brands and other areas as well. She has worked as the former president of American Eagle Outfitters Inc., also the chief executive officer of Wet Seal. She currently is the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla has cut through the stereotypes of men versus women in the business world. She is someone to look up to.

There are other big names in the business world that have a positive reputation. Take Irene Rosenfeld as an example. She is one of the few females who are the chair person and CEO for the food company, Craft Company. She is splitting the company into two divisions, one that focuses on groceries and one that centers around snacks.

Sheryl Sandberg is another female who is making her name known in the business world. She was born in 1969. She excelled academically in high school. She attended Harvard College and graduated summa cum laude. She began her career and a research assistant at World Bank. Most recently, Cheryl is known for her acceptance as one of the first females on the board for Facebook.

Women are just as active as men are in today’s business world. Strong, intelligent, educated women make good leaders. Women can be just as powerful as a man when it comes to running a business. There are many examples of professional businesswomen in today’s work force.

Essential Home Selling Tips

The 990 Company posits that 990 sells homes easily via The complete service real estate firm provides traditional facilities such as qualified realtor and many more. The firm as well gives a commission of 990 us dollars which is the lowest. They provide an exceptional seller program that is modern, improved, and unique. The procedure used to sell homes in this firm is so straightforward and understandable that you only need less than five minutes of learning what is usually done in the program. In the five minutes, you will find out how to make your home noticeable in the midst of others, how to instantly catch the attention of prospective buyers. You will also discover how to make the maximum selling price of your home.

If you need to sell your home fast and a profitable amount, you need to take some things into consideration. Below are important guidelines that will help you sell your home quickly and maximizing your turnover possibility.

Find a good agent

An excellent agent will be your most significant possession when it reaches the moment you want to sell your home. A qualified representative will have the ability to perused prospective buyers and give you perfect opinion throughout the negotiation process. The most excellent agents are knowledgeable and well-known to your neighbors.

Price to sell

For the selling of the home to be fast, you must ensure that it is valued well to sell. Inquire what a reasonable buyer pays in your locality; find an experienced home, evaluator. Speak to your real estate agent to get a price that will draw customers and at the same time give you the required turnover.

Have your home inspected

To do away with the probability of unanticipated surprises when you are selling your home and repulsive complaint after the sale, you can consider inspecting your home. You can have a specialized home inspector for a little amount. He will check everything and give you a comprehensive report.

Put yourself into the buyer’s shoe

The way your home may seem to appear to you is not the same it will seem to a purchaser. In its place, they will always look for faults in your home. Avoid giving them an opportunity to get the problems your house has. Take yourself as a buyer and scrutinize every part of your house ahead of putting it on sale. Specials matters to look at comprise repairs cluttered spaces and whatever that may look dirty.

Provide a home warranty

When buyers make a massive purchase, they are fond of getting a guarantee. A home buying is not exceptional. If you can give a home warranty to a purchaser, they might probably give you the amount you want from them or prefer your home over the other.

The Success Strides Made By Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is the current Executive Chairman and co founder of QI group. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong. He is a Malaysian businessman and an author. He received his socio-economic degree in 1984 from the prestigious London School of Economics. After his graduation, he began work in Belgium and France where he did several odd jobs in different fields. Check out Vijay Eswaran on Facebook.

While in the UK, the binary system of marketing was introduced to him and the system drove him to enroll for CIMA with the view to obtaining management accounting professional qualification. He later studies for his Masters in Business Administration in 1986 from the South Illinois University. During this period, he was already working in the United States for Synaptics. Here he was involved with different multi level marketing on a part time basis. He returned to Malaysia in the 1990’s where he started working professionally as a multi level marketing after being approached by Cosway group to initialize its Philippines.

In 1998, Eswaran co founded QI Group, which is a multi level marketing company that uses the e-commerce platform. Today, the company has expanded greatly and is now a conglomerate that constitutes of businesses in telecommunications, media, and travel. It also deals in corporate investments, training, and luxury products. Currently, the company has offices in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, the entity has a footprint in over ten countries through several subsidiary companies.

Dr. Eswaran is not only known for his multi million ventures but is also a well known and respected motivational speaker. He has lectured around the globe on matters pertaining to spirituality and business. He has been able to speak in leading public and private universities and in business and management forums. The hardworking entrepreneur has delivered speeches at World Economic Forum events in addition to Common Wealth Business Forums.
Eswaran is a philanthropist. He established RYTHM Foundation, which is the corporate arm that carries the social responsibility activities for QI Group. He has also set up the Vijayaratnam Foundation in Malaysia. The foundation works with other NGOs in empowering the women, child mentoring, and youth development besides dealing with special education. He is a recipient of several awards like the 2011 Forbes Asia’s annual list of Philanthropy Heroes. He was also recently awarded the life time achievement award in Regional Philanthropy. This event took place at the 3rd World Chinese Economic Forum. The Asian Strategic Institute gave the award to Eswaran. The institute is an independent leading think tank in Malaysia.

He is also a bestselling author. He is the writer behind the highly successful and top selling book titled, In the Sphere of Silence. This is a book on life management that has been translated into different languages in various countries. He has also written other books that include Wings of Thought, 18 Stepping Stones and The Thinking Zone.