Mikal Watts’ Battle With Syngenta

Mikal Watts is a partner in San Antonio’s Watts Guerra. He is currently leading a team of legal professionals who are encouraging United States of America’s corn farmers to sue Switzerland for selling them a Genetically Modified corn seed. This seed has produced a crop that China will not import, forcing the United States to lose out on the money they depend on from corn export to China. This Swiss company is named Syngenta and is responsible for the loss of income from corn in 2013 and 2014.

Roughly 20 percent of all of the corn grown in the United States annually is exported for profit to such buyers as China. When China refused to buy the genetically modified corn sold to the United States from Syngenta, the United States lost billions of dollars. Even though not all corn for sale to China came from Syngenta, there was no way to separate it from the corn that was rendering the entire shipment a loss.

This is why Mikal Watts has proposed a legal battle to the corn farmers in the United States. He proposes that the farmers that experienced the financial burden due to Syngenta’s genetically modified corn seed come together and form a massive lawsuit. This would cover the loss that the United States experienced from the incident. Luckily for US farmers, Mikal Watts has extensive knowledge and experience in fighting agricultural battles.

Mikal Watts has extensive knowledge in law and agricultural battles. He graduated from University of Texas in 1987 with an undergraduate degree and University of Texas School of Law in 1989 at the ripe age of just 21. Upon graduation he took his place as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas. From 1990 until 2009 he served as an important member in many very important firms. In 2009, Mikal Watts went on to join Francisco Guerra IV. Together they formed Watts Guerra LLP.

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