Indiana Now Has Bacon Scented Lotto Tickets

The Indiana lottery system has come up with a fun an unique idea for their prize system. In fact, it will remind many people of the days back when scratch n sniff stickers were the hit thing and they will be making scratch in sniff lottery tickets that smell like bacon. And even more than that, there will be bacon related prizes! According to an article found on reddit and written by, there are some big wins that people can get such as a 20 year supply of the delicious breakfast meat.

If that doesn’t suit the winner’s fancy, there will also be cash prizes like $10,000 for some and if those who win the bacon don’t like to eat it or don’t want that much yummy stuff, then they can take a cash prize of $5,000 instead. In any case it is a very interesting idea to get people interested in purchasing the tickets. They debuted on June 2nd and will sell for $2 apiece, and the idea was such a good one that other states are considering doing the same thing starting sometime next year in January of 2016. I think that since bacon is such a trendy thing these days it is probably a really good idea, especially since there is a craze for it. Sam Tabar doesn’t know how popular it will be right off the bat. It will be interesting to hear about the first winner of a couple decades supply.

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