Free Lunch?

No good deed ever goes unpunished has always been a popular sayings. What it means is that no matter how good of a deed you do, and no matter what the reason, many will find something hostile and negative to say about it. Well that saying became way too true for one Colorado Lunch Lady who was literally punished for trying to make a difference in the lives of little first graders.

According to GrubStreet the lunch lady gave free meals to the students who couldn’t afford it, and sometimes she even paid for it out of her own pocket! She has now been fired from her job for giving crying kids free food to stop them from going hungry. Her “crime” as its called really begs the question of what is wrong with our school systems that we let kids go hungry? On the flip side, educators are saying that kids could lie about not having enough money just to get a free meal. But, is it really worth it to take that chance?

The teacher didn’t argue that she broke the law, she actually just argued that the law needs to be changed. In a FreedomPop review, you can see that same thought process. That shows her heartwarming spirit and just how much she cared about her kids. So, now we wait to see if her plight made a difference in the lives of children, and if the school systems will do anything to make sure that kids who can’t afford lunch and don’t qualify for assistance get it.

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