Caught in a Hoax

Current news and social media outlets are on fire when it comes to one NAACP member and President who has deceived everyone around her for a number of years.  Brad Reifler suggested that the news broke last week about Rachel Dolezal who kept up the appearance of being African American for a number of years. A few weeks ago, her parents went on Huffington Post Live to out Rachel and tell the world and their daughter’s colleagues that Rachel was not what she seemed. Members from different races took to the internet and newsrooms to sound off on what they thought of the situation. Many have taken to ostracizing Rachel while few are standing in her corner. For those who oppose what Dolezal has done, the problem isn’t with the perception of how she sees herself, rather, how much she deceived everyone around her.

Those who are in support of Rachel are trying to understand why she did what she did instead of criticizing it. Rachel came from a very rough background and spent years waiting to get away from the same pair of parents who revealed her secret. Those who don’t understand what Rachel went through are upset at the possibility that her deception got Rachel the position in the community that she had. Dolezal wasn’t just the President of her local NAACP, she was also the chair of a police oversight committee that would monitor fair treatment during investigation. Since the outbreak of this news, Dolezal has resigned as NAACP president and chair of the police oversight committee. Dolezal is expected to release a statement sometime this week in response to the media’s questions.

Not Always About the Profit

A marketing agency in Costa Rica is using their own advertising space to empower female entrepreneurs in their area with their personal logos and business ideas. A developing village in the Central American country is full of women who are constantly struggling to make end’s meat. A telecommunications firm in Claro has taken a step into ensuring that their struggle doesn’t last for too long.

The company has taken down their logos on the rooftop satellite dishes and has given that space to women to advertise everything from selling ice cream, to coconuts, and even styling hair. Data from the telecommunications firm CipherCloud has noted that this advertising play is playing off not only for the company, but also for the women and their expertise. One of the women noted how much pride she gets in being able to run her own business. Where she’s from the men are seen as being the only business abled adults in the village. With this chance that the advertising agency has given her, she can prove that women can do just as well as men. Economic inequality is also being curbed thanks to the rise in business and advertisement. Citizens in the village have stabilized economically and have been given a bright future thanks to the telecommunications company. The entrepreneurs are planning on using their success from their businesses to help inspire other men and women who have dreams of owning their own.

The True Benefits of Beneful As Said By Their Own Employees

Purina is with their new national campaign that shows the pride they have in themselves and in their product and pets. Beneful Brand Dog Food is broadcasting pride in their food by featuring their own employees in ads explaining why they feed it to their own dogs.  This was first reported by

A few Purina associates and their pets appear in the commercial and present the faith and trust they have in feeding Beneful to members of their own family. Operations Performance Manager Tom states, After working here, there is no other food I would feed my pets.” Brandon, an ingredient loader, says, “There are no shortcuts. We go above and beyond to make sure you have top-quality dog food. My dog loves it.”

Purina’s Vice President of Dog Food Marketing, Juli Plassmeyer revealed the idea for the new campaign, “I Stand Behind Beneful” came from internal pride and was so strong, it was decided to be shared.

Print and digital advertising will be used alongside the TV commercial,all featuring the Atlanta associates and their precious pets.

Plassmeyer says, “Nobody cares more about pets than Purina, and there’s something very powerful when our own people say- ‘I make Beneful dog food, I feed Beneful to my pets, and I’m proud to work for Purina.’”

The class action lawsuit was filed in February and was dismissed with unwarranted and false allegations that placed a product that has never been subject to recall in jeopardy. In 2014 1.5 billion Purina Beneful meals were enjoyed by 15 million healthy dogs.

Social Media Help Teens Stop Smoking

According to a new study published by the Oxford Journals teenagers who are using social media as a tool when they try to stop smoking are twice as likely to quit and stay off the cigarettes compared to teenagers who are not using social media in their fight against tobacco.  This makes sense to Daniel Amen considering the support structure that this allows teens to create.

The research points towards a few different reasons in explaining this difference first of all it has been known for a long time that teenagers are more easily affected by peer pressure and when their friends and family pushes them to stop they are more likely to do so. Second the study suggest that there is comfort to be found in other people who are also trying to stop the study indicates that groups on social media sites can function much like the classical support groups that have weekly meetings in town halls, the only difference is that these groups are of the virtual kind.
A third reason might be that teenagers feel that they need to live up to what they have told others to achieve, when they write on a social media site that they are going to quit smoking they create accountability for themselves and everyone knows if they fail.

There needs to be more research done in order to find the exact cause of the increased success rate but for know we can just be glad that it works.

Indiana Now Has Bacon Scented Lotto Tickets

The Indiana lottery system has come up with a fun an unique idea for their prize system. In fact, it will remind many people of the days back when scratch n sniff stickers were the hit thing and they will be making scratch in sniff lottery tickets that smell like bacon. And even more than that, there will be bacon related prizes! According to an article found on reddit and written by, there are some big wins that people can get such as a 20 year supply of the delicious breakfast meat.

If that doesn’t suit the winner’s fancy, there will also be cash prizes like $10,000 for some and if those who win the bacon don’t like to eat it or don’t want that much yummy stuff, then they can take a cash prize of $5,000 instead. In any case it is a very interesting idea to get people interested in purchasing the tickets. They debuted on June 2nd and will sell for $2 apiece, and the idea was such a good one that other states are considering doing the same thing starting sometime next year in January of 2016. I think that since bacon is such a trendy thing these days it is probably a really good idea, especially since there is a craze for it. Sam Tabar doesn’t know how popular it will be right off the bat. It will be interesting to hear about the first winner of a couple decades supply.

Free Lunch?

No good deed ever goes unpunished has always been a popular sayings. What it means is that no matter how good of a deed you do, and no matter what the reason, many will find something hostile and negative to say about it. Well that saying became way too true for one Colorado Lunch Lady who was literally punished for trying to make a difference in the lives of little first graders.

According to GrubStreet the lunch lady gave free meals to the students who couldn’t afford it, and sometimes she even paid for it out of her own pocket! She has now been fired from her job for giving crying kids free food to stop them from going hungry. Her “crime” as its called really begs the question of what is wrong with our school systems that we let kids go hungry? On the flip side, educators are saying that kids could lie about not having enough money just to get a free meal. But, is it really worth it to take that chance?

The teacher didn’t argue that she broke the law, she actually just argued that the law needs to be changed. In a FreedomPop review, you can see that same thought process. That shows her heartwarming spirit and just how much she cared about her kids. So, now we wait to see if her plight made a difference in the lives of children, and if the school systems will do anything to make sure that kids who can’t afford lunch and don’t qualify for assistance get it.

Dr. Rod Rohrich unending passion for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a native of North Dakota, staying in Dallas with two children. He is married to a plastic surgeon, Gibby Dianne. The doctor is well known for his pronounce expertise in the field of plastic surgery. He took his early education I Dakota before advancing to Baylor school of medicine. He completed his residencies at the Michigan University and his fellowships at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard (hand/microsurgery) and Oxford University (pediatric plastic surgery).
He is the editor-in-chief for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery magazine. For decades, this magazine has been respected and trusted because of the doctor’s influence. Dr. Rod Rohrich has been a leader for many medical organizations. His expertise and good leadership skills has made the organizations to be popular and trusted. He has also received so many awards for his selfless efforts to improve the field of plastic surgery.
The doctors has conducted many researches on rhinoplasty, breast implants and facial surgery. His deep knowledge concerning the skin dynamics and aging process enables him come up with discoveries on safer ways for the surgeries. He is dedicated to teach on these safer ways and on treatment and care for the patients. He is a great teacher, with a vision to make more doctors like him, for taking care of the next generation. His proficient ways of handling the patients makes his patients to trust and feel safe with him. He handles them with utmost care and professionalism. He considers himself as the advocate for the patients.
His research team works hard to discover effective more ways for the surgeries and post-surgery care. He selects his team based on their vast and solid experienced in the surgery, accompanied with great academic papers. He explains that the surgery is like molding the skin to be what it is desired to look like. His unending passion for his work has made him to be recognized worldwide. His procedure are consistent and exceptional. He has led the research on potential blindness after the surgery. This was discovered to be a result of wrongly injecting the facial filers. It is because of these severe risks that the doctor insist on choosing a trusted and professional plastic surgeon for the treatment. Dr. Rod Rohrich also researched on the ways to prevent occurrences of such risks. He is known to provide equal treatment and care to his entire patients. He is a doctor to people of varied professions, ranging from musicians, sports men, and politicians to corporate persons.