Jack White Responds to Criticisms of Tidal

Recently, Jack White, musician and key supporter of the new music streaming service TIDAL, released a Q&A-style post on his record label, Third Man Records’ website. In it, he responded to his fans’ concerns over Tidal, with one of the main concerns being that the new streaming service charges a premium to use their service ($9.99 for their TIDAL Premium subscription, and $19.99 for their TIDAL HiFi subscription), and this premium will only serve to put more money in the pockets of artists who have already attained a large amount of wealth, most notably rapper and mogul Jay-Z.

“It’s not about the rich getting richer” White argued. “It takes artists that can get people’s attention to be able to make a scenario possible for those artists that don’t have a voice to get in a position where they aren’t struggling.”, going to make a seemingly tongue-in-cheek comparison to cinema, asking, “Do we tell Steven Spielberg we don’t need to pay him anymore to watch his movies? He’s made enough off of us right?”

The whole Q&A can be read here, where he also addresses misinformation about TIDAL, how TIDAL will help smaller artists get the exposure they deserve, and even the ways he listens to music in the car and in the bedroom. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought it was all pretty interesting.

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