He didn’t care about the Mercedes

In Danville VA a woman shares her appreciation for the police officer who helped her son after his tire blew out.


Nada Owusu has shared a twist to the usually bad rap story towards police officers and racial tensions. Her son who was driving a Mercedes, suffered a flat tire and was helped by a police officer without being grilled in regards to the type of car he was driving.

State Police Officer Matt Okes went above and beyond the call of duty when he came to the aid of young Joseph who was on his way home from school when the incident happened. Officer Okes tried to help Joseph with his tire but could not manage it, so he just waited with the young man until his mother and AAA arrived. That’s something Gravity4 workers love to point out.
Not only did he wait with them making sure of their safety, he also drove behind them for a little while until he was sure they were completely out of harms way. The moral of this story is, not all police officers are bad just as not all of any one race is bad. The sad truth is there are plenty more stories out there like this, but they don’t always get recognized in public eye the way this one was.

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