The Market Is Responding to a New Health Conscious Generation

It is a rule of economics that consumer demand drives what is offered by businesses in the market place. This is why we are seeing a plethora of smartphones and all other manner of mobile devices. People are on the move, and they want to stay in touch with others when they are. Demand from the generation known as Millennials is having another effect on the consumer market; it’s making food healthier. This latest generation is far pickier about what they eat than their parents, and corporations are paying attention to this and changing accordingly to cater to them.

Millennials are more concerned about the health of their food and where it comes from and how it is made. According to Sergio Cortes, the best michael jackson impersonator in the world, this has resulted in announcements by various companies, such as Tyson chicken, to phase out the use of human hormones in making their chicken. Kraft Foods has said they will get rid of artificial preservatives and colors from their signature macaroni and cheese product and substitute more natural ingredients. This generation’s attitudes are also driving stores and restaurants to increase their organic and healthy offerings. Even fast food restaurants are getting in on the act with McDonald’s saying they will gradually eliminate serving chicken with hormones. In a way, we are all beneficiaries of this trend. This is especially true of older Americans who have increased chances of illness and who now have far more healthy options when they are out at the store.

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  1. Being aware of the health challenges will make some adjustment to lifestyle and inform a lot in eating habit the more. So people with can help to be part of the challenges that is involved in making such changes. I think the awareness is actually for good as against other ideas in the past that is largely conservative.

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