Let’s Know More about Sultan Alhokair

Do you need to know more about Sultan Alhokair? If yes, keep reading. Sultan Alhokair is not only a business student but a twenty-two years old financial analyst and angel investor, who resides in Boston. He works with Retail Group of America where he serves as the major project manager. Alhokair.com is also a venture partner with Valia Investment.

Sultan Alhokair studied Financial Accounting, Business Management and Family Business Management at Northeastern University where he graduated in 2009. He has a passion towards helping individuals start their business; this led him to join Valia investment.

Sultan works with the Retail Group of America, one of the largest retail chains where he serves as the major project manager since January 2014. His work entails seeking out new retail opportunities, advising business managers on branding and sales and providing retail services to fashion companies.


Alhokair is the financial and business analyst and a partner with Valia investment. At Valia Investment, Sultan Alhokair seeks new business start-up that qualify as ideal contestants for seed funding and backs them financially with resourceful business guidance. He is able to manage the seed funding through the partnership with Valia investment that allows his interest in finance and investment a chance for development. He studies start-up business models at every angle keeping the key factors in mind to know the best consumers.

Alhokair recently told CNN.com that for a company to be successfully, sultan emphasizes on the long term draw. The long term draw is like a business plan for about five years and over. For a company to achieve its objectives a plan is drawn this includes creating a 5-year plan with a clear-cut system of predicting of where your company will be at any given point of time within the 5 years. The plan follows a predicted path including operation costs, human resources, time and profit. For him, this plan allows business owners to predict the future and have an outlook of success which sets them up for profitability and sustainability.

At such a young age, he has achieved a lot earning trust from his clients and fellow investors. Sultan Alhokair is the new talk of the town. Having a background experience and working with real estate developers and retailers the world of business is not new to him. He has brought changes on Angel investors through the uses of microfinance and the internet. You can follow Alhokair on Twitter, Youtube.com and Vimeo or check out his Facebook page.

Critics Calling Facebook’s Internet.org Into Question

The public-spirited effort to bringing internet access to impoverished designed by Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, is being called into question. Mr Zuckerberg wants to disrupt internet access in developing countries. He wants people to have free access to data on their phones and an Internet on-ramp to help them decide what to do with that data.

The project is called internet.org. Facebook has teamed up with companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm, Media Tek, Nokia and Ericsson. The project kicked off in 2014 in Zambian South Africa. It quickly added Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Columbia and India. It recently added Southeast African Malawi one of the poorest countries in the world.

The issue concerns “zero-rating” websites. A zero-rating site is one that is free to the user and paid for by subsidies. Facebook has so far included such sites as Amazon Kindle and Spotify. This action has opponents calling Facebook a kingmaker since these zero-rated sites are the ones most likely to be used by clients of Internet.org. Click here for full story.

Since these objections have been expressed Mr. Zuckerberg has opened the area. Now any site that meets Facebook standard may sign up for a zero rating, and a ton of iPhone applications are interested.

He didn’t care about the Mercedes

In Danville VA a woman shares her appreciation for the police officer who helped her son after his tire blew out.


Nada Owusu has shared a twist to the usually bad rap story towards police officers and racial tensions. Her son who was driving a Mercedes, suffered a flat tire and was helped by a police officer without being grilled in regards to the type of car he was driving.

State Police Officer Matt Okes went above and beyond the call of duty when he came to the aid of young Joseph who was on his way home from school when the incident happened. Officer Okes tried to help Joseph with his tire but could not manage it, so he just waited with the young man until his mother and AAA arrived. That’s something Gravity4 workers love to point out.
Not only did he wait with them making sure of their safety, he also drove behind them for a little while until he was sure they were completely out of harms way. The moral of this story is, not all police officers are bad just as not all of any one race is bad. The sad truth is there are plenty more stories out there like this, but they don’t always get recognized in public eye the way this one was.

Jack White Responds to Criticisms of Tidal

Recently, Jack White, musician and key supporter of the new music streaming service TIDAL, released a Q&A-style post on his record label, Third Man Records’ website. In it, he responded to his fans’ concerns over Tidal, with one of the main concerns being that the new streaming service charges a premium to use their service ($9.99 for their TIDAL Premium subscription, and $19.99 for their TIDAL HiFi subscription), and this premium will only serve to put more money in the pockets of artists who have already attained a large amount of wealth, most notably rapper and mogul Jay-Z.

“It’s not about the rich getting richer” White argued. “It takes artists that can get people’s attention to be able to make a scenario possible for those artists that don’t have a voice to get in a position where they aren’t struggling.”, going to make a seemingly tongue-in-cheek comparison to cinema, asking, “Do we tell Steven Spielberg we don’t need to pay him anymore to watch his movies? He’s made enough off of us right?”

The whole Q&A can be read here, where he also addresses misinformation about TIDAL, how TIDAL will help smaller artists get the exposure they deserve, and even the ways he listens to music in the car and in the bedroom. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital thought it was all pretty interesting.

Supreme Court Unanimously Rules in Favor of Felon’s Right to Sell Their Firearms

Tony Henderson was an agent with the United States Border Patrol. He is a gun owner and maintained his own personal firearms collection. He also liked to smoke marijuana and the practice ran afoul of federal law. A decade ago, he was arrested and charged with felony possession of the controlled substance. Upon release from bail, he was ordered to surrender his firearm collection to authorities. By 2006, his case was adjudicated with him accepting a felony guilty plea. Federal law bars him from owning firearms. As a result, he sought to sell the collection either to a friend or to his wife. The government objected and the matter went to court. The lower court sided with the feds stating that allowing Henderson to direct the sale of the firearms was tantamount to “constructive possession” of them. Henderson appealed the ruling.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously 9-0 to overturn the lower court ruling. Even the liberal justices, who are not pro-second amendment, concluded the lower court exceeded their authority and infringed upon Henderson’s property rights. The court acknowledged that Henderson cannot take possession of the firearm collection given his felony status. However, they affirmed that he has the right to direct the sale of the weapons to a third party dealer or individual. At the same time, whoever takes ownership of the firearms must reasonably assure authorities that the original gun owner will not have access to them. Mikal Watts understands this school of thinking well.  

Is it Real Internet?

In the midst of controversy, Internet.org, Facebook’s project to bring the internet to the world is facing strong criticism. Mark Zuckerberg wants to bring the internet to underdeveloped areas of the world without internet access via mobile phones. Along with partners such as Samsung, Internet.org will bring affordable access with a limited number of services; it provides a light internet without videos, large images, Java and VoIP services.

However, the criticism stems from the proprietary restrictions placed by Facebook on the offered access. Guidelines set by Facebook are in place which could restrict internet neutrality by offering limited access to the internet which could potentially be influenced by governments or special interest groups. Net neutrality is a concept by which all data is treated equally. Also, cheaper mobile phone models cannot as yet handle “Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure” which leaves the subscriber open to security holes and privacy concerns like those held by Sergio Cortes.

Unless Facebook can overcome these obstacles, Internet.org can’t be called a true internet

A Man With A True Vision

Bernardo Chua is a very successful entrepreneur and he is very well known in the Pacific rim. Bernardo Chua is the founder of Oregano Gold. Oregano Gold is a company that works in direct sales. Chua also had a very important role in the founding of another very well-known company that works in direct sales. These are direct sales companies that deal with the successful marketing of herbs, coffees and teas. Bernardo Chua grew up in the Philippines and he used his heritage to help him to begin his successful company that dealt with the Polypore mushroom.

Bernardo Chua has received much recognition because of his achievements. He received the Dangalng Bayan Award for Business and Industry from the joint 22nd annual People’s choice of national consumers quality awards. That was an award that he was able to receive in 2014. His company was also recognized by the National Shoppers Choice and his companies have often been awarded The Direct Sales Company Of The Year award.

Bernardo Chua wanted to be able to make a company that works with organic ganoderma products but he wanted his sales to be different from that of other companies selling the same product. He wanted the Western world to get involved in this product and within a short period of time his direct sales companies were able to make or Organo Gold the 55th largest selling company in the entire world. Chua was definitely able to reach his goal by not only reaching Western companies but by reaching the entire globe.

Organo Gold is a Canada-based company but it has more than 1 million different distributors all around the world. The business plan of Organo Gold has been to sell top-of-the-line products while at the same time keeping them at an economical price. Because of Bernardo Chua’s determination to further his products and his company, he has become a very successful businessman. He is known as Bernie by those who he works for and with, and he is very respected and loved for his commitment to his business and to his product. Visit Bernie’s Facebook profile for more on his success.

How Dan Newlin Is Looking out for the Little Guy

Dan Newlin is a lawyer with a unique perspective. In a legal world which is often impersonal, Dan’s continually making an effort to really connect with people. One of the best examples is how he’s made use of the #DAN abbreviation. The hashtag is, of course, easily recognizable for fans of social media. But many people aren’t aware that it’s also easily usable on phones. In the Greater Chicago area, South Florida, and Central Florida all one needs to remember is that #DAN connects to Dan Newlin. Simply dialing the pound sign and DAN will call up his offices.

This might not seem especially significant at first. But it all comes down to Dan Newlin’s desire to always be there for people. People often forget just how stressful accidents can be. Even a seemingly minor fender bender can be an incredibly stressful event. And in his practice, Dan’s been able to see that in action. Because a minor accident can cause people to be very forgetful. And larger accidents, when people are most in need of legal representation, can cause people to go into shock. It’s hard enough to remember phone numbers at the best of times. But when people are most at need, it’s easy to forget them. However, something as easy as #DAN will almost always be simple to recall. And calling him up as soon as possible can be a huge help for one’s case. It can allow him to properly guide clients through what’s often a very stressful process. He wants to be able to take some of the load off people’s shoulders, and help them do everything the right way.

That desire can also be seen from a recent expansion. After a long time serving the residents of Florida, Dan’s branched out to the Chicago area. He has deep midwestern roots. Dan Newlin began his long history of public service as both a firefighter and a police officer. As one might expect, it gave him a deep connection to the area. That’s why his return is such a momentous event. It means that he’s more easily able to help the people in an area he has a connection to. And it also means that people in the area can benefit from his expertise.

Dan Newlin continues to look after the needs of the people in both Florida and Chicago. This includes legal issues of almost any kind involving injury and accident. From auto accidents, to pedestrian, and even issues of wrongful death.

Facebook $15 Per Hour Wage In

With all of the recent talk about fair wages and better benefits for women, Facebook is one of many companies that has stepped up to the plate and increased its offerings to employees. In addition to a $15 per hour wage increase, all employees can expect additional benefits which include parental leave support and 15 paid days off annually. These perks are available to both contract employees and Facebook vendors. COO Sheryl Sandber made the announcement on Tuesday.
Employees were enjoying these benefits on May 1 at the Menlo Park, CA, headquarter office. Other offices can expect to see their benefit changes and wage increases within the next year. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital sees the financial benefits for employees – read about him in this article at Fortune.com. Who will be the recipients of these benefits? Employees who contract for the company usually handle services that include cleaning of office spaces, transportation services and security will be one recipient of the wage increases.
With these changes Facebook hopes to offer an equal platform for both men and women while meeting the changing needs of women and families.

Haidar Barbouti – A Man of Many Accomplishments

Haidar Barbouti is a world-class real estate investor who has been active in the industry for three decades. Quickly establishing himself as a leader rather than a follower, he has made numerous prudent investments that have paid off substantially, one of which that stands out among the rest being the Highland Village located in Houston, Texas.
Haidar is renowned for his business expertise and experience. It’s for a good reason, too; He has over twenty years of direct experience with commercial properties and has personally directed the acquisition, development, and functionality of multiple real estate locations in the country. He has an intimate understanding of shopping centers, offices, and even condominiums. Haidar has helped develop land and other investments over the course of his rich history of working within the field.

Of course, no great businessman goes without a noble cause, and Haidar has certainly made a statement in this regard. He has pursued numerous philanthropic acts over the decades with an empathetic focus towards children and animals. Widely recognized for his charity in the Houston area, Haidar Barbouti has even donated his own retail space to help establish the Highland Village Adoption center for poor animals.

Very active in the local Houston Area, Haidar is committed to seeing his projects through and ensuring that an exception level of quality is established with his select real estate investments. In fact, his shopping center in Houston is widely regarded as one of the most fashionable and inventive places in the state. He has worked with top-label store brands to secure their leases and developed a gorgeous environment for shoppers to experience the best of what Houston has to offer.

Resolute in his dealings but gentle with the downtrodden, Haidar Barbouti is at once a magnificent moneyed magnate and a magnanimous man, helping those in need while simultaneously providing the most luxurious retail spaces for the upper crust of Houston’s elite. Invested in practical and spiritually fulfilling work, Haidar is one of a select few who can be admired both for making the capitalist world spin on its axis while also contributing a few careful pennies to those trembling shoulders that hold it up.