QNet’s Big Marketing Plans to Expand

Q Net is a Malaysia based multi-level marketing firm and has big plans to make India the main manufacturing hub and plans to shift all of its production there. The plans are in action and are to produce the items from consumer goods in India. Suresh Thimir is the CEO of the franchise in India. They were already producing watches, but have now expanded their goods and are producing the energy drink, Nutriplus, in India. If they move the production to India, then their costs will be lower and that is a huge benefit. Growth has been seen to sky rocket 100 per cents in the last year and the future is looking even better.

There are even plans to give a platform for Indians so they can discover and develop. The way the process is working currently is if anyone in India has a product that passes the quality test then a platform will be given for the sale of the product. There are some things that Dave Osh, global CEO stated needs to be addressed such as the lacking of guidelines in the multi-level marketing sector of India lacks.

QNet’s main goal at the moment is to get a regulator to govern the direct selling business. There is a need for the laws to be clean and easy to understand because the industry of direct selling in India is growing by the day. There is hope that the government will consider legislation from other countries with the same problem and to make sure that all businesses interests are best served.

QNet also has other marketing strategies that depend on independent representatives to refer their products. With out the independent representatives there would not be such a high volume of referrals. QNet just wants to make sure the rules and regulations are easy to understand and are followed.

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