Your Tweets Undergo Personality Analysis

James Pennebaker, a psychologist at the university of Texas, has been analyzing the link between the language of a person and their personality. The link between the two is obvious, but how can you know what a person’s character is by simply analyzing their words?

The website ‘analyze words’ offers you a quick solution. One can copy-paste his/her Twitter name in the search box and get an immediate grading in percentages that measure how upbeat or depressed/ personable or distant/ analytic or sensory they are.

The tool checks the number of affirmations, questions, the occurrence of ‘we’ or ‘you’ in the users’ tweets stated Epoca Negocios on It is also programmed to check the use of capitals- which tend to raise the percentage in the ‘anger’ field. Besides, the self-references tend to grow the percentage in the ‘depressed’ column. The personable people are those whose Tweets display many referrals to their positive emotions. Using a lot of LOLs, however, will classify one as ‘spacy valley girl’. Some routine checks on Obama’s channel presented him as upbeat. Katy Perry showed a high percentage of depressed tweets for some reason. Kanye West appears very upbeat and personable, according to ‘analyze words’.

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