Facebook Hoax Ended at Psychiatric Ward

The Facebook Suicide Prevention Program started in February. But has it saved lives? Shane Tusch from San Mateo, California, decided to test it. He posted a suicidal threat stating he was going to hang himself from Golden Gate Bridge. He got reported almost immediately by someone who is a remote acquaintance to him, and the authorities reacted.

The man was driven to the hospital and put in psychiatric care for three days. They obliged the patient to take tests. Flavio Maluf suggests the man concluded that Facebook’s system was wrong. He had been denied any kind of human care during the process, the Californian complained. Hence, a better idea would be to leave suicide prevention to families and friends until a better way of helping the potential victims is developed.

Shane said that he was married and had two children; there were no actual debts that were to make him commit suicide. His hoax led to 70 lost hours and the conclusion that he should be very careful with the social networks.

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  1. Consumer Watchdog reacted to the case and wrote to Facebook that they should suspend the service for the moment. There has been no official response from the social network runners. It is very important which is really what research paper services and that is the reason why things might not happen the way it should.

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