Background On BRL Trust

BRL Trust is a leading investment firm that was founded in 2005. The company was founded by Mauricio Ribeiro and Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes. The founders believe that their company focus is to fulfill the expectations of their customers in an environment of trust and security. The company employs a team of financial experts who have extensive experience in their respective fields and are highly respected for their expertise in their sector.

Ribeiro started the company with providing trustee services and fund administration. It initially provided services to the private sector, and the company quickly grew in the market. Today, he oversees the Custody Fund and the international accounts.

Gomes has been working in the financial industry for 15 years. He gained experience working for major institutions such as Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse. He currently oversees BRL’s Fiduciary Services and manages the SPEs. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of financial consulting and business development. His expertise is highly sought after in the market.

BRL has been expanding their services since the beginning when the company just handled private loans. As their clients gained confidence and trust in the company’s expertise, BRL expanded to new areas including investment fund management and administration, and it is now the largest administrator of investment funds in Brazil. It also has been involved with complex projects in mergers and acquisitions. The company continues to diversify and to meet the demands of its clients.

For BRL Trust, ethical business conduct is of utmost importance. Clients can be assured that there is transparency in all business operations. The company complies with all laws under its legal system. The primary goal is to serve their clients who trust them to perform in their best interest. Clients can count on the company’s integrity in all aspects of the business operations.

There is nothing more important to BRL than its clients. They believe in cultivating client relationships to build up an environment of trust. They value their reputation as the leader in the investment industry of Brazil, and they strive everyday to live up to the expectations of their clients.

In an industry where people often mistrust where their money is, BRL stands above the crowd. Its clients can attest to the integrity of the company. BRL understands the importance of company reputation. The company’s reputation id cultivatef by offering their clients the highest quality in service. They know that by treating their customers well, it will drive their business success.


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