Apartment Complex Asks Tenants to Sign Social Media Clause in Their Contract

Arstechica.com has a story on their site today about an apartment complex and their management with some bizarre clauses in their leasing contracts.

Windermere Cay is a colorful apartment complex located in Orlando, Florida. The complex has five buildings with about 30 units in each building. It is centrally located and apartments fill quick there. One tenant, who wanted to withhold his name, Anfip told us that this has brought to the media a bizarre addendum in the leasing contract for Windermere Cay. The apartment complex is adding in a Social Media Addendum to their lease. In this Social Media Addendum, renters are forbidden to post negative reviews or comments about Windermere Cay on any social site or they will face a fine of $10,000 to be paid within ten days. Think that is excessive? Wait, there’s more.

The Social Media Addendum also states that any pictures or written work that are taken or done on site belongs to the complex. The actual clause states, “any and all written or photographic works regarding the Owner, the Unit, the property, or the apartments” are copyrighted to the landlord. So any pictures that the renters take of themselves, friends, pets, or whatever while on the property belong to their landlord.

One tenant is asking for a change. He has refused to sign the Addendum and has asked for it’s removal from the lease.

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