Highly Addictive Skout Features “Shake to Chat” Interactions All Across the Globe

Dating and social networking online is all the rave these days. Sometimes it is hard to meet new people in person just on random chance and so we look to social apps to bridge the gap. Online is now the easiest way to gain friends, get dates and get out in the world. One social site in particular that is has grown in popularity in recent years is Skout.
Skout is a laid-back networking website- that is also available as an app on both Apple and Android operating systems- that allows you to chat with people all over the globe! Founded in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrum, Skout has become the world’s largest global network.
What makes Skout so popular? Well there are a number of things:
For one, it has a Facebook-like interface which makes it very user friendly since a lot of people are already familiar with this type of look and feel.

Thirdly, Skout encourages interactions with other people and makes the experience quite fun as well as highly addictive. There are also other bonus features included in this social app- such as the ability to post comments, like other people’s posts, send and receive virtual gifts and post photos.
Another cool thing about Skout? There is a travel feature that allows you to meet people in another city while you are travelling and it is called Skout Travel.
And for those of you who are wondering, Skout is location based and therefore you can always chat with people that are local to you as well.
As far as dating and relationships on Skout goes, there is plenty of opportunity to really and truly connect with others and it doesn’t necessarily have to be dating, it could just be friendships- but the potential is certainly there.
The bottom line is that Skout has been around for a while so it boasts a large online network base and is therefore a great way to get out there and start mingling.

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