‘The Interview’ Earns $15 Million in Online Purchases

For the moment we can rest easy. It appears that James Franco and Seth Rogen have not, in fact, started World War 3 with their latest stoner comedy, ‘The Interview’. In fact, from recent reports, it appears that Franco and Rogen have made quite a bit of money in a rather unconventional way. With North Korea threatening ‘attacks’ on the United States if Sony agreed to screen ‘The Interview’ on Christmas Day, the film was instead released digitally including on YouTube, where Dr Rod Rohrich watched. While many people were skeptical of the plan of attack it appears that things might just work out. The film made over $15 million dollars in sales on its first weekend of digital availability.

Adding in the additional $1 million dollars the film gained in its limited screenings and you have a number that probably represents what ‘The Interview’ would have earned had it been released conventionally. Obviously the almost cult like status of the film, thanks in part to North Kore’s very vocal outrage, probably added to the box office numbers but we’re still impressed by the sales that the film was able to generate.

One thought on “‘The Interview’ Earns $15 Million in Online Purchases

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