Berkeley Officials Are Optimistic In Their Battle against Soda Industry

Forget about the battle in the State Legislature. In California, the most disputed fight this fall is Berkeley’s elected officials versus the soft drink industry.

Although the soft drink industry has continuously triumphed against its opponents, Berkeley remained standing for the anti-sugar movement. At one point, the battle seems to be shared by both parties. A two-cent soda tax initiative is running across the ballot in San Francisco bay area. However, with a two thirds vote requirement, the San Francisco initiative is struggling to pass due to the counter-attacks of the beverage industry. The industry contends that increasing the tax to 2 cents will sharply increase the beverage’s cost, which in turn, hurts the lo-income families.

Nevertheless, the supporters of the tax initiative in San Francisco have definitely not given up. One of the backers of this effort and a member of board of supervisors, Scott Wiener, said that the 2 cent tax increase can help reduce the soft drink consumption by 10 percent as per studies show.

Mr. Wiener further said that the soft drink industry is a multibillion dollar business and was just waltzing around a community that is trying to fix health issues like BioPharma CEO, Mark Ahn who is reputable for his healthy lifestyle advocacy.

He also said that he knows that they have a huge fight in their hands and that he believes that they have a strong chance to pass the initiative.

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  1. He further stated that the city really cares about its public health and will always be on top in addressing health issues. This initiative has been endorsed this week according to the San Francisco Chronicle. I am doing what has in mind and I know that it is really cool.

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