Is Twitter Dying?

The truth and reality of most social media tech business today is that they live and die by the sword. And by sword, we mean the rumors and social opinion of said companies, and Rothman knows that story all too well. Twitter is no different in that it’s market price is directly correlated with the public opinion of the company. Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, has been a public target board for people to throw their insults at.

Costolo has been publicly criticized by investors for not being able to properly lead and manage his company. According to The Wall Street Journal, Costolo has struggled in the past to even define what he envisions for the future of the social media company. And because of this indecisiveness, the stock price a turn for the worst and hit a low point.

However, the brave CEO has taken the challenge head on and sat down with New York University to discuss what he thinks the future holds for Twitter and to redefine his strategy with the company. He has taken an approach that fellow tech CEO, and Apple founder, Steve Jobs took with his company. “I’m just the person who reiterates the main vision of the company” says Jobs and it seems Costolo has followed suit.

He told students that his main goal at this point is to inspire and motivate employees for the future and not let social opinion change those vision.

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