HCR Wealth Advisors Helping People with Their Finances

People these days are having a tough time meeting the increasing living expenses, starting from tuition fees of children to groceries and from utilities to taxes. It is primarily because the people these days are living longer, and the retirement planning of the old people is failing. Middle-aged people not only have to look after their parents but also raise their children and at the same time, save for their future. It is becoming difficult for middle-aged people to keep a financial balance. However, with the help of experts, it is very much possible.

HCR Wealth is a registered investment advisory firm that helps people with their retirement as well as financial planning in a comprehensive manner. The amount of investment options available these days can be confusing to everyday people, but with the help of financial guidance, it becomes much easier to invest wisely for long-term wealth creation. HCR Wealth Advisors has years of experience in providing financial advice. The financial planning offered by experts at @HCRwealth is customized as per the financial situations and expectations of the clients.

Understanding market volatility can be difficult for the layman as many factors need to be considered when investing or making any financial decisions. HCR Wealth Advisors says that there are certain principles about long-term wealth creation and investment that people should follow. One of the first tips given by the experts at HCR Wealth Advisors is that people should ensure that they invest on a regular basis, even if the amount is small. Any amount is a good amount as long as it promises returns and is put away to mature. One of the tips given by HCR Wealth Advisors is to make retirement planning a top priority. When retirement planning becomes a financial priority, it becomes easier to secure financial future and achieve long-term wealth creation goals.

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Go Mobile With NGP VAN’s Distributed Canvassing

Political canvassing has come a long way. In the past, field managers would spend hours pouring over precinct maps and lists of voters. Then they’d divide up the amount of homes and residents in the area into separate walk lists. These were handed out to volunteers and staff members, all on paper. Almost half of their workday was spent “cutting turf.”

The job description now has changed for the better, thanks to Washington D.C. web developer NGP VAN. They recently released a program that cuts turf, freeing up the valuable time of activists and field organizers. The program is named Distributed Canvassing, and it’s a game changer.

What is it?

It’s an app programmed to cut turf using parameters set by the field manager. The number of canvassers and the number of doors are entered, and the program cuts turf for you based on the canvassers location.

Who Came Up With it?

NGP VAN already had an app they’d developed with the DNC called Knock 10. This app mobilized countless volunteers to knock on doors by telling them where the nearest voters were with regard to their location. It was a remarkable success though field staff still had a few reservations about giving up total control of turf cutting. NGP VAN took their suggestions to heart, and now the beta version of Distributed Canvassing is off to a roaring start. It uses the best of Knock 10 and makes it even better. Now volunteers and canvass staff can input their location and immediately be sent to a pre-cut turf close by. The time and frustration saved compared to the old way of doing things is incredible.

Distributed Canvassing is still in beta testing, but is available for use by enthusiastic campaigns everywhere. Contact us today to learn more about mobile canvassing technology.

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How Equities First Holdings Generate Transactions that Exceeds $1 Billion

Equities First Holdings (EFH) provides equity-loans to everyone. It has been a primary product from the beginning in 2012. EFH has good performance record. A record that shows they are responsible for over $1 billion dollars in transactions. EFH has an office in London. It has done well. The 700 transactions is a good sign of EFH’s good performance. The London office’s performance helps grow to new markets in Australia and in China. Businesses like the versatility of an equity-loan. It can be used for any purpose, and the loan is easier to gain approval for than a traditional loan. A good example of equity-loan involved the CEO CEO of PaySafe Group PLC (PSG) Joel Leonoff.

EFH allowed Leonoff to use 1.5 million shares as collateral for a loan with a three-year term. After he repaid the loan, Leonoff received over 9 million shares. Business sees it is simple process of good product.

For details: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equity_Group_Holdings_Limited

NetPicks Extensive Experience in Forex Trading

Introduction and Overview of NetPicks

NetPicks was created in 1996. NetPicks operates out of Irving, Texas. Mark Soberman is founder of the company. NetPicks has more than 25 years of market trading experience and 17 years of educational trading experience (analystoffinance.com).

NetPicks provides guidance to their users in the forex market. For beginner traders, the forex market can seem complicated and complex. Buyers and sellers can easily become overwhelmed without strategic advice. NetPicks provides live signal service. This allows traders to trade in a variety of cities internationally at all hours. Whether it’s New York, London, Paris, Sydney or Tokyo, there is always a market open

Technicalities of Forex

“Spot trading” is a practice where traders trade at moments notice. There are no premeditated notions in spot trading. The buyers and sellers make a decision based on real-time updates from the system. Timing is crucial in the market of forex. There are constantly updates and advancements taking place. Those who are business owners typically prefer trading within the future and forward market.

Buyers and seller prefer trading in pairs because of the ability to increase liquidity. The volume on a typical trading day can exceed $5.2 trillion. Forex market is significantly different than the stock market because forex allows users to invest in a variety of areas.

The most popular combination for trading is USD (United States) and JPY (Japan). Other popular combinations include EUR (Europe) and JPY (Japan), GBP (United Kingdom) and USD (United States), AUD (Australia) and USD (United States), CAD (Canada) and USD (United States).

Trading amongst “exotic” pairs such as the Mexican peso are not as poplar because of the perceived risk factor involved in those transactions. Buyers and seller prefer the forex market’s high liquidity. The market is constantly updating itself and therefore the opportunity for trading is vast.

NetPick advises trades to analyze the risk, buy in pairs, sell in pairs, and keep action consistent and strategic. NetPick has been a trusted name of quality in the forex industry for two decades and continues to be resourceful.

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PSI Pay: An Alternative Banking Solution

The thing about the banking system is that it has been behind schedule when it comes to adapting and conforming with the times. When compared to other fields, the banking and financial system has been the same for a long time. For some, they believe this is the case because instantly switching to a new form of banking such as universal currency or implementing a no physical cash system, is just too much to try and develop. However, having said that, technology has certainly made the banking system much easier and faster to use. With the advancement of technology, new and creative forms of banking are being created. A great example of a company that has taken advantage of the benefits of technology in the banking world is none other than PSI Pay. As an alternative banking solution with much going for them as a company, PSI Pay has many accomplishments to its credit. Specifically speaking, PSI Pay has provided unique payment solutions to different businesses, firms, and corporations on a global scale. With this overall goal in mind, PSI Pay is driven by a group of brilliant professionals with vast, comprehensive experience in the alternative banking scene that the business industry offers. Furthermore, as a company, PSI Pay has a long list of short term and long term goals they want to accomplish. Here is one of the many ways PSI Pay has been successful.

PSI Pay & the difference between the American and European wallet

Considering the area of business they are in, PSI Pay has much to do as a company. However, one of there most successful and acknowledge contributions have been in the American vs European wallet debate. As a banking company, PSI Pay was quick to jump on this issue. In fact, in an article on PSI Pay and this debate, the article clearly discusses the company’s opinion on the differences in the two wallets. In detail, the article discusses that, according to PSI Pay, the American wallet strictly works on the foundation that someone elects to buy items online. In other words, the American wallet is fit for only the American style of life. As for the European wallet, according to PSI Pay, that wallet is designed for when monetary and client account discretion and security is desired but, has the same capabilities of the American wallet. Needless to say, no matter what side of the wallet debate one chooses to side with, PSI Pay is a powerhouse in the alternative banking scene.

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IC System Has Been Around For Decades

The longer that a company has been around and in business, the more experienced that company and those working for it are. The more experienced that a company is, the better that it can handle its work. IC System has been around since 1938, spending decades working in the accounts receivable line of work. This company was founded by a couple, and it has been passed down through three generations of the same family that originally owned it. It is a company that knows what is good and right and that strives to be ethical in all that it does.

IC System is licensed or bonded in each of the states that require them to be that, and they are active in all fifty states. They collect debt across all of the United States and they are also working in Guam and in Puerto Rico. Because of the fact that they can work across the whole country, this company is able to collect debts from those who move out of state. IC System can reach all of those people who owe money, even those who have relocated far away from the place they were at when they first got in debt.

IC System is a company that works hard to be sustainable in all that they do and the way that they go about their business. They encourage their employees to come forward with any ideas that they might have to increase the sustainability of the company. They are mindful of the energy that they use and the effect that they have on the world, and they are careful not to cause too much harm. This company is considerate in the way that it treats the environment and in the way that it goes about getting all of its work completed.


Having over 500 clients that trust GoBuyside with their talent needs is a testament to GoBuyside’s global reach and the quality that they bring to a company, a stakeholder or a client.

GoBuyside, which was founded in 2011, is a business that has built up much trust with important companies, stakeholders, and clients over the years. And with a base of 500 clients, GoBuyside provides the right talent needs from a global network pool of talent. As a modern recruitment platform, GoBuyside focuses on a niche area of business that deals directly with hedge funds, advisory platforms, private equity firms, investment managers, and Fortune 500 companies. Having over 500 clients that trust GoBuyside with their talent needs is a testament to their global reach and the quality that GoBuyside brings to a company involved in consulting, hedge funds, and recruiting. Read more at Wayup about GoBuyside.

GoBuyside utilizes a broad range of geographic areas to find the right talent. Some of these 16 countries that GoBuyside taps into for its clients include the U.S., Chile, Singapore, Germany, the UK, Mexico, China, Brazil, Switzerland, UAE, Argentina, and others. Consequently, GoBuyside also works with 52 cities located in 16 countries on a global scale.

GoBuyside uses important proprietary technology and a diligent tact in its business. By Because of these elements, it has led to GoBuyside not only establishing, but also maintaining a competitive advantage with processes like sourcing as well as properly vetting top candidates for their clients. The team at GoBuyside have professional backgrounds and impressive educational credentials, which help lend further credence to the company’s ability and purpose. With GoBuyside, they are involved in the process of placing the right candidates for GoBuyside’s clients. And the qualities of these professionals that they have on their team further enhances GoBuyside goal to build deeper relationships in those specific markets that they serve because of their credible staff. Read this article at Accesswire.

GoBuyside covers areas like part-time consulting engagements, talent recruitment, as part of their business model. GoBuyside is located in New York, N.Y., and is a for-profit company with less than 50 employees. GoBuyside also utilizes a talent network of 100 thousand people and has filled over 2 thousand client positions since their company’s founding.

GoBuyside also has a suite of solutions available that can be tailored to small, mid-sized and large companies. GoBuyside is equipped to assist with a broad array of business and consulting arrangements.

GoBuyside provides information to its potential clients with frequent blogs on its website. Some of the topics that they write about include studies on private equity compensation, which include input and data from many companies as well as from hundreds of professionals based in the field of private equity. Some of GoBuyside’s other blogs focus on what pre-MBA candidates value in their first buy-side role. Hundreds of respondents ranked the importance of various criteria during the process of their search. GoBuyside provided important visuals in the form of pie charts for this informative blog.

Visit: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Gobuyside-Inc/Jobs

Sean Penn Debuts His Writing Talent With His Novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

Many actors strive to balance many jobs such as director, producer, speaker, etc. But a writer? Not too many actors are known for their writing, yet one legendary actor has dismissed that misconception and has proven that talent can come in many forms.

Sean Penn debuted his writing talent with his novel, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. Because of his legendary accomplishments throughout his acting career, his novel has gained rapid international interest and attention.

Sean Penn’s recent interview with Rolling Stone has provided a peek into how and why he wrote “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. First off, he wanted the accomplishment of writing a novel. Although it started as an audiobook, Sean Penn had a surprisingly fun time writing the novel. Secondly, the book has gained an international audience because of the novel’s views of the world – both in reality and in the fictional aspect of the story. And because of that, it has allowed Sean Penn to express the views of the world through the fiction of the book. But that is what a lot of writers do – they incorporate real world situations or things that have occurred in their own life, into their books. That is just a natural characteristic of a writer.

In that sense, Sean Penn is well on his way to accomplishing another one of his feats, which is to become a full-time novelist. He wants to push himself towards gaining more experience and diversity in how he wants to express himself – and writing a novel has helped him do just that.

“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” is the first of many enlightening and entertaining books that Sean Penn will write and until then his readers will be ready and waiting for more of his novels in the future.

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Randal Nardone & Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone’s Career History & Background

When we reflect on some of the most grueling and demanding working fields in the world today, most likely the business and investing field is towards the top of that list. In other words, when we consider the qualities and factors that a professional in this field requires working in, let’s just say it is easy to understand why many individuals fail out of this industry. As unbelievable as that sounds, it is definitely a true statement. In fact, the amount of time, money, and overall commitment and sacrifice that is needed to work as a professional in business and investing far outweighs that of any other field. Needless to say, this speaks volumes to the type of environment and work ethic that this field has attached to itself. Now, why is it important to understand the characteristics of this industry? It is important to understand these qualities because it allows us to reflect and appreciate on the professionals in this field. While many have failed out of it, in turn, many have also been very successful. In reality, if an individual stays around long enough, they are more likely to find success than failure. Nonetheless, perhaps no other professional in this field has been as impactful and as influential as has Randal Nardone in career. With the number of accomplishments to his credit, there is not much that Randal Nardone has not done in his career. Impressively enough, there is still so much more to his successful ways as a professional in the business and investing industry. So, to further evaluate and understand how Randal Nardone has managed to reach the top of his field, here is more on his career and his role at Fortress Investment Group.

More on Randal Nardone & His Role At Fortress Investment Group

Worth repeating again, Randal Nardone is as accomplished as it gets in his field. His many career achievements have established him as the pinnacle of success. However, perhaps none of his accolades or achievements have been as recognizable as his actions with Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group, which is one of the leading investment management firms in the world, has benefited tremendously from Randal Nardone and his valued efforts. In fact, Randal Nardone has benefited himself from the company’s overall success. Simply put, the two were definitely meant for each other. Specifically, Randal Nardone has the titles of c0-founder and leading executive of the company. With such a distinguished role at the company, Randal Nardone has been determined to reach nothing less than success for himself and Fortress Investment Group. All in all, there is no getting around the fact that Randal Nardone will continue to succeed as he always has. With the way things have gone for him, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will continue his successful ways with the company or whatever else he wants to do. Randal Nardone is truly a master of his craft.

For More info: www.directorstats.co.uk/director/randal-nardone/

Enhanced Athlete on the Rise

Enhanced Athlete is a successful bodybuilding company that has been in some sticky waters lately due to a lawsuit that was filed against them from “Nutrition distribution”. Dr. Hues, otherwise known as Charles Anthony Hughes was claimed to have main involvement with the allegation in which was issued. However Dr. Hues is solely an unpaid brand ambassador for the company which takes away any direct involvement for him to have an obligation to speak in court. Federal rule of civil procedure 30(b)(6) states that managing agents of a corporation are subject to deposition by notice. So in which this case, Dr. hues does not fit that inquiry therefore is not subject to have a commitment to speak.


As said by Scott Cavell, CEO of Enhanced Athlete “Charles Anthony Hughes, aka Dr. Tony Huge, receives no direct compensation for his endorsement of Enhanced Athlete nor is he an officer of the organization or any related organization.” Scott has also stated that Dr. Hues has no ownership interest in the company and never has. It seems Dr. Hues is a fan of Enhanced Athlete and enjoys promoting their products, yet it still doesn’t give the court legal rights to force him to testify.


Dr. Hues has been into health and fitness for years and years. Coming up with the chemistry and custom formulations and experimenting with compounds has always been a passion of his. He is a nutrition fanatic that is always trying to find what works best. He enjoys going to the gym, and he enjoys speaking to the public about how to become more fit and healthy. You could reach him on youtube, his podcast, or other various social medias.


Bio: Enhanced coaching & Enhanced gear(Enhanced Athletes sister companies)


Enhanced coaching is a sister company of enhanced athletes that provides coaching and motivational skills to achieve a better healthy lifestyle and to get you on the fast track to putting on size and getting toned. There are a number of different packages the program has depending on what you desire. You may want a meal/workout plan but you may also want someone to check in with you once a week to see how you’re results are going. Each package varies in price and it all depends on the things the customer wants most.


The other stemming company from Enhanced athletes is Enhanced Gear. Here you can find every source of athletic attire ranging from hoodies, to shorts, to sweatbands, joggers, and so on. You could actually buy the clothes right offline and it’ll be delivered right to your doorstep.