Caught In the Cycle of Joyful Giving With Perry Mandra

Perry Mandera joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves directly after his high school graduation. He served his country honorably for four years and worked in the transportation industry after his discharge from the Marines.


Business Owner

He started his first company in 1980 and sold it in 1985. Mr. Mandera served his community from 1984 to 1988 as an elected official (the Republican ward for the 26th ward of Chicago). He is the youngest individual to serve in this capacity at the age of 23 years old.

In 1986 Perry started The Custom Companies, Inc., which serves 1,000’s of customers in businesses of all sizes, from small to Fortune 100 companies. His company’s annual sales top $200 Million. The company employs hundreds of people in is committed to providing premier service and his customers reap the benefits.


Giving Back

Mr. Mandera started Custom Cares Charities which is also consistent with a core company value of giving back to the community. The charity’s mission is to support other charities and organizations whose mission is aligned with its own. Examples of Perry’s compassion in action are donations to 1) veterans in need, 2) contributions to cancer research, 3) recurring sponsorship of more than 100 youth sports teams in the Chicago metro area, and so much more.

Perry’s desire to help communities extends to disaster areas throughout the country. When Hurricane Katrina devastated several states, Mr. Mandera sent donated and purchased supplies (40 truckloads) to provide relief to Arkansas and Mississippi. Following the destruction of the recent wildfires in California, he furnished transportation services and donated supplies for the relief efforts.

Mandera gives his resources and his time. This married father of two enjoys spending time with his family. He is very active in his church and shares his time to organize and sponsor activities there and in his community. Perry sits on the boards of the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and the Jesse White Tumblers.

His philanthropy extends to these foundations and others (ALS Foundation, Toys4Tots, Campus Crusade for Christ…) illustrate the dedication and joy Perry Mandera gets when he gives to others.


Reasons Why Chris Linkas’ Recommends Investing When Young

There are many people who have the wrong perspective of investing. They believe that investment is for the old and rich. However, there are many benefits of investing in your early 20s.

Why invest when young? One major reason is the fact that you have time. This means that as an investor, you will generate more wealth over time. It is proven that the longer you invest your money, the more wealth you will have in the future. The second advantage of investing is being a tech savvy. An investor requires expertise, experience and confidence to know where and when to invest. According to Chris Linkas, an investor needs to question the market so that they can get the necessary information. Young investors have the advantage of researching and studying through education and financial websites, apps and social media. The online trading platforms are ideal to sharpen investing skills through online trading techniques and tools.

Linkas also agrees that young investors can learn by doing. As mentioned above, studying about a particular market will help you learn about the failures and successes of an investment. Young people can then make investment strategies that will succeed. Investing early gives you time to learn and recover from any mistake you may make. The other advantage is the opportunity to invest in oneself; this means that one can advance their skills by earning a degree and in turn acquire higher earnings in the future. The earnings are what one relies on when they are investing (

Last but not least is the ability to take on more risks. Young people have more years of earning and will therefore not shy away from investments that are more volatile and more profitable. The age of a person determines the amount of risk they can endure. An employee who is about to retire will opt for risk-free or low-risk investments (Relationshipscience).

Chris Linkas is an investment expert who specializes in corporate loans, shipping, non-performing loans, asset-backed investment, leases, commercial real estate and securities. He has decades of experience in the financial industry and has held senior leadership positions. He has worked in institutions such as RER Financial Group and Goldman Sachs.


Jeff Aronin: Experienced CEO Paragon Pharmaceuticals

CEO Paragon Biosciences

With past experiences in pharmaceutical leadership at Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. and MedCare Technologies, Jeff Aronin has advanced his knowledge and was, in 2010, granted the responsibilities of chairman and CEO of Paragon Pharmaceuticals.


Jeff Aronin’s Background

Jeff Aronin’s experience as the chief executive officer at several globally-known bio-pharmaceutical companies has helped him develop skills in business strategy and development as well as marketing and finance. He is a leader who shows knowledge in the daily management of global companies in a highly-regulated industry. He can also structure and execute corporate transactions that include mergers and acquisition of other companies.



Jeff Aronin has received honors based on his quality entrepreneur ventures and his dedication to ensuring quality medicines are in the market quickly to ensure patient health and wellbeing. Some of the awards he has earned are the 2017 Weizmann Leadership Award, Brain Research Foundation, and Brain Research Foundation Award. He has been at the top of many foundation awards for over the past decade. His first was as a finalist of the 2006 Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the Year” award.



Aronin supports many charities that work with those who need medical attention. Within these organizations is the Susan G. Komen foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and Liver Life Challenge. Within each organization, he learns much about the needs of patients and clients with life-altering diseases and shares that information with those in Paragon Pharmaceuticals who develop new medicines to help the diverse populations and their diverse illnesses.


About Paragon Pharmaceuticals

Scientists, technology, and commitment work hand-in-hand at Paragon Pharmaceuticals in order to provide the highest quality and effectiveness of medicines for patients.

Paragon Pharmaceuticals, under the leadership of Jeff Aronin, provides their subsidiary companies with experts who dedicate their time and energy to using the latest resources. Each one of Paragon’s companies are joined by both clinical experts and entrepreneurs who will help them through strategy and guidance as well as support. It is important to Paragon and their affiliates to ensure medicines reach those who need them the most.

Members of the clinical teams work in participation with medical professionals to conduct clinical trials and development of new products. The company does their utmost to ensure that development is efficient, accurate, and speedy. The needs of patients are their highest concern.


Paragon Successes

In just the past ten years, thirteen medicines have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This is due to their relentless dedication to applying the latest knowledge to the development of their medicines with a patient-centered approach. They use science to create breakthroughs that will build companies who work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of patients and extend their lives.


How Glen Wakeman Helps Startups Get Off The Ground

Living and working in Miami, Florida, Glen Wakeman is a financial expert and entrepreneur. From December 1985 to May 2006 he worked in a variety of roles for the international firm GE Money. He worked around the world running a number of their subsidiaries. His specialties were general, country, and regional management as well as business development, operations, and technology. He has a bachelor’s degree he earned at the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman’s final role at GE Money was as the chief executive officer of their Latin America division. He built up GE Money’s country operations from scratch in nine separate nations including in Asia, Europe, and South America. In total, he built over a 1000 branches of GE Money in various countries (Glenwakeman).

After leaving GE Money, Glen Wakeman worked for a number of international companies before deciding to launch his own company. He moved to the Miami/Fort Lauderdale company and the first firm he founded was Nova Four. He was the president of this company for a few years before taking on an advisory role instead. This company is a business consulting company that coaches the CEO as well as board members about how to go about their various duties.

In November 2015, Glen Wakeman launched his latest firm, LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. He serves as the chief executive officer and oversees daily operations of his company. He started this company after he got to thinking about why so many startups struggle and fail. He identified the problem that usually occurs which is that many startups have either a bad business plan or lack one altogether. Since he has extensive experience creating business plans he decided to launch a company that would help startups put these together.

Glen Wakeman brought in programmers who used his ideas to build a business planning online platform. His platform takes the user step by step through every detail of building a solid business plan that will help them start and then sustain their new company through its early stages and beyond.


Jorge Moll and Other Neuroscientists Make Discoveries in the Science of Giving

Model Petra Nemcova and her fiance Simon Atlee were vacationing in Thailand in 2004 when the devastating tsunami hit the country and caused severe damage and loss of life. Atlee was killed in the tsunami, and Nemcova was so badly injured that she had to be transported to the hospital via helicopter. Her pelvis was fractured and doctors were shocked that she wasn’t paralyzed. Petra also experienced internal bleeding had to take time to recover at her parents’ home in the Czech Republic even after spending time healing in the hospital.

Not even a year later, Petra Nemcova returned back to the place in Thailand where she nearly lost her life and her fiance was taken from her by a natural disaster. She wanted to help the children that lived there, stating that once emergency efforts were over, these children would likely be forgotten and wouldn’t get the help they needed. This leads many people to wonder why people return to traumatic places with the strong desire to help others, when it would be much easier to stay away.

Jorge Moll was fascinated when he saw the results of a study he and Jordan Grafman conducted at the National Institutes of Health. Jorge and Jordan found that people who were charitable toward others got the same sensation as when they were enjoying a great meal or intimate time with a significant other. This was even the case for individuals who thought they would feel better by keeping money for themselves instead of giving the money to someone in need (Interview).

This goes to show that while we have been socially conditioned to share and be charitable, this is a primitive behavior in humans that activates a pleasure center of our brain and causing positive sensations in the body. So, perhaps being socialized to be charitable has been more so to convince us that we should do good things for others because it benefits others, and not because it makes us feel good says Jorge.


Learn How To Start Investing Young With Chris Linkas

With the unpredictability of today’s downtrodden global economy, everyone’s become the eager investor. While young adults continue their frivolous pursuits beyond the realm of investing for retirement. World economists emphasize the need to invest young, given the significance of “age,” which coincides with time. Twenty-somethings aren’t intimately informed of the edge “age” gives them to older investors. At this early point in life, one has “time” to always reinvest, even after multiple fails. Then comes an opportunity to learn and develop winning strategies that generate rewarding results. There’s also room for a young investor to overcome hiccups and recover without time becoming an enemy.

Another upside is that twenty-somethings investing in a dream or retirement can always increase human capital. Whether it’s in the form of education or self-growth, opportunities aren’t scarce. Irrespective of the direction, it’s another avenue to earn a higher income and invest more. Technology and machine learning put forward smarter innovations that young investors can easily master. With this awareness and access to real-time educational resources, keeping abreast with the trading world is light work for young investors today.

Having an edge certainly makes an attractive quality. However, having proper guidance can be the design to exact the reward of success to failure. Top UK investment authority, Chris Linkas of 20-person European Credit Group has extensive experience working with amateurs. He’s become a mentor to today’s evolving generation of young investors. He regularly contributes constructive opinion pieces and articles to help steer them in the right direction. Prior to his installation as head of the firm, he assumed key executive positions working for top New York investment managers. His responsibility primarily focused on leveraging high-risk real estate investments. Following his success in the North American credit market, Linkas also found success in Europe.

As the lead European credit strategy authority, he’s developed an impressive resume working with 20-person European Credit Group. Since installation in 2012, he’s spearheaded numerous projects throughout the UK-Eurozone (Companiesintheuk). With special attention to high-risk real estate opportunities, his expertise extends to Greece, Spain, Ireland, Benelux, the UK, etc. Besides real estate investments, Linkas prolific specialization also includes leveraging corporate loans/securities, shipping, leases, servicer/platform trading and more.


Whitney Wolfe Is Expanding Bumble with Bumble Bizz

     Whitney Wolfe is doing some interesting things when it comes to the development of technology. Her Bumble application is one that has remained among one of the top downloaded apps for Apple iPhone users and Android users as well.

Whitney Wolfe is showing people that she has something new to bring to the table. Every time that people may assume that she has stopped working to expand Bumble Whitney Wolfe comes up with something new and innovative that makes people start conversating about this app all over again.

This is exactly what has happened now that she has expanded with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

There is a great amount of spectator commentary that is evolving about Whitney Wolfe and her determination to build a boulder social media app.

Facebook is known for a larger amount of advertising, but in most cases this is simply an environment where friends are befriending friends that they actually have in real life. There is no dating in a huge way that people date on the Bumble app. This is what separates Facebook and Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe has also gone some steps farther to make sure that people see the benefits of Bumble as a networking environment, and that is why she created Bumble Bizz. The fact that people can still use Bumble for dating and easily switch right into the networking portion makes this different from LinkedIn.

People post their resumes on LinkedIn, and they have a great amount of interest in this app because it allows them to create a platform where they can post their resumes and network with other professionals. This is a great app environment for business professionals, but the reality is that it is limited when it comes to other things outside of this type of network. Whitney Wolfe knew that and this is why she made an attempt to provide something else by creating Bumble Bizz.

There are a great number of possibilities for people that are utilizing Bumble Bizz. What it essentially does is give people access to other network professionals that may have the same goals. Bumble BFF gives people access to others that might be moving from different cities or states that are accepting to find friendship. The original Bumble platform allows people to date. Collectively, this is one of the most diverse app environments for socializing. Bumble is the strongest social media platforms.


Successful Businessman Glen Wakeman

People in the business industry are probably very aware of Glen Wakeman. He is a real success story and a fine example of a man that is strongly dedicated to his craft. The highly successful financial services executive is also a man that likes to share his secrets to success with others that are interested in achieving their business goals. He is a dedicated business executive with strong visions and the type of leadership qualities that drive a company to success. Recently, Glen Wakeman, CEO of Launchpad Holdings, LLC took the time to share his secrets to success.


A Real Success Story

Glen Wakeman is currently the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC, a company. This company was founded back in 2015. This is another feather in the cap of the very successful business man. His previous success included experience managing several businesses that span over a decade. Indeed, Glen Wakeman is a real success story and plans to make the time to share his success secrets with young, up and coming, entrepreneurs.


Educational Background

Certainly, Glen Wakeman has an excellent background that prepared him for future success. The successful entrepreneur earned a Bachelors of Science in Economics at the University of Scranton. He earned a Masters of Business Administration at the University of Chicago. Glen Wakeman went on to continue his steps to success by working at GE Capital. His 20 years experience with the organization helped him to gain the type of knowledge that one could never learn in school. This knowledge prepared him for leadership roles with the organization and others that followed.


Glen Wakeman’s Advice To Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman believes that every entrepreneur should ask themselves serious questions about any business that they plan to start. For example, is the plan easy to understand, does it fill a unique niche, is it a match for their targeted clients, does it offer the client real value for the money? The answers to the questions will reveal a lot about their business idea. Wakeman also believes that the entrepreneur should spend a lot of time reading about business and learning as much as possible about leadership, teamwork, and discipline.



Mentor and Expert, Chris Linkas, Says “Investing While Young is the Way to Go”

For many twenty somethings, the idea of investing their newly earned money is far fetched. For most, it is difficult to save money, let alone invest into their future. However, even with student loan debt and low wages, young adults are in the perfect stage to start investing. In fact, the biggest advantage to investing while young is time. Compounding interest only works with plenty of time. The 21 year old who put $5000 into investments will have a lot more saved by the time he/she is 60 than the 45 year old who did the same.

Age is also closely aligned with how much risk a person can withstand. While those looking to retire soon are most likely to take the safest routes, 20 year-olds can take bigger risks considering they have years of money making potential ahead of them.

With time and flexibility on their sides, young adults are able to learn investing slowly and correctly. Should mistakes occur, there is plenty of time to earn back anything lost. Chris Linkas, esteemed European Head of Credit, advises people to know that while information from well known sources or from remarkable investors can be beneficial, the information is not always right or going to make the same amount of money, and investing is really something you will succeed most with if you learn on your own.

A huge advantage of being in your 20’s today is technology says Chris. Yes, it has evolved incredibly, but young adults are also much more tech savvy these days. They are able to study, research, and apply investing skills with ease. There is also a large market for online investing that gives tech savvy kids the upper hand.

Opportunity is in plenty for young adults as well. Since the ability to earn wages is crucial to investing, investing in oneself (i.e. earning a degree or learning more skills) is extremely valuable. Twenty-somethings have the opportunity to increase their chances of earning more money, and in turn investing smarter.

Investment kings like Chris Linkas would agree that the earlier one can start learning about investing and earning potential, the better. There are a multitude of reasons to invest early on, but primarily, you’ll most likely end up with more money. Why wouldn’t you go for that?



Heal and Soothe Helps to Ease your Pain While Cleansing your System

Heal and Soothe is a dietary supplement by the company Living Well Neutracueticals. This supplement is made from natural ingredients. This over-the-counter substance contains ingredients which work to reduce inflammation within the tissues and joints and it also provides an anti-oxidant benefit by removing radicals from a person’s cells.

The ingredients contained within Heal and Soothe include bromelain which is harvested from the pineapple plant. Rutin another additive that has the ability to strengthen blood vessels. Other substances within this supplement include papain which helps with digestion, boswelliaserrate which treats arthritis and citrus bioflavonoid complex. Other select ingredients consists of vitamin – E, Turmeric extract, ginger root, L – glutathione, Serrazimes and Devil Claw. Each of these ingredients heals, soothes and cleans out a person’s system.

Heal and Soothe is a practical supplement for people who have arthritis or who suffer from an autoimmune disorder. This type of disorder can lead to various diseases that impacts the heart, organs and vital systems within a person’s body. Remember that inflammation usually happens with most medical conditions because a person’s cells are impacted on the molecular level when one of these diseases take place.

Another important ingredient of Heal and Soothe are enzymes. A person’s body contains plenty of enzymes and hormones which work to heal the tissue when a person experiences pain. These are a part of the body’s natural defense when a person encounters pain and problems on a cellular level. The immune system contains these elements which help to keep the body in good shape when it begins to break down. This supplement is a useful product for older people and from people who suffer from medical conditions that causes a person’s torso to degrade.

Heal and Soothe is designed for people with arthritis, pain joint and for individuals that suffer from inflammation. The drug is sold in bottles of 90 tablets. They are labeled as a vegetarian dietary supplement and the bottles are designed for a single use. Users should take one capsule a day with lots of water. There are no side effects related to this product. However, this does not mean that every person should use it without a doctor’s permission.

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