EOS Innovates Lip Balm

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, is known for their adorable and innovative lip balm packaging, but it is what is inside that is really impressive. The lip balm is incredibly moisturizing and packed with healthy ingredients so that your lips can look full and moisturized all day. One of the most popular EOS lip balms is the Honeysuckle Honeydew flavor. There is a pleasant scent of melon that the balm emits and it is perfectly refreshing for the spring and summertime. The balm is slightly sweet to the taste and it makes for an enjoyable experience. This flavor is made from 95 percent organic ingredient and 100 percent natural ingredients. It is full of healthy antioxidants that vitamin that promote the overall health of the skin on your lips. The balm is made out of jojoba oil and shea butter so it has a deeply moisturizing effect. The sweet mint flavor is another fan favorite. The light blue packaging on this lip balm is eye catching and quickly draws your attention. The sweet mint flavor is a delicious combination of refreshing mint and sweetness. It has a cooling effect on the lips so it is very soothing. Read more related article here on blogwebpedia.com.

EOS completely revolutionized the lip balm market when they came into business, refer to kohls.com. Prior to their adorable spheres of goodness, the only lip moisturizers were boring and clinical tubes. The founders of EOS noticed that it was mainly women who purchased lip balm, so they decided to give them an option they would love. The cute packaging and delicious flavors soon became a hit and within just a couple of year celebrities were starting to sport EOS lip balm. They became so popular because they created a product that not only does its job, but contains healthy ingredients and can improve the state of your skin. Interesting article on this link.


The Agency that Tames Lions

     Alexandre Gama is an advertising and Brazilian businessman. As a graduate in advertising and propaganda Alexandre started his own advertising agency in Brazil known as Neogama. His agency is one of the 20 largest advertising agencies in Brazil.

Neogama was founded in 1999 grew large in its first 3 years. By 2002 Neogama had an association with BBH, a London branch which helped to form the now called Neogama/BBH. Some noteworthy awards for the agency is winning two Golden Lions in Cannes within the same year in two main categories, Press and Film. In 2016 Alexandre decided to disconnect Neogama from the BBH network and dedicate it to the agency in Brazil.

The Ideas of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler

Adam Goldenberg is a wealthy and a well respected venture capitalist who has made a successful career in finding excellent and high quality startups that are worth funding and that not only have the potential to grow and to generate revenue, but that also has the potential to help the consumers and to create a new and innovative product that is useful to the consumer. Adam Goldenberg is not only a hard worker when it comes to his business ventures, but he is also a successful individual as an expert to go to when seeking either advice for a new business or even funding to grow the business. In just a few years within the business, Adam Goldenberg has been involved in businesses that are worth millions of dollars.


One company in particular that Adam Goldenberg and his partner are proud of is a company that is known as JustFab and is a company that was founded in 2010 and that has since then grown at an exponential rate. JustFab offers the consumer with a unique fashion experience that offers choices that range from children to older individuals that are looking for something that is not only comfortable, but that is also tasteful and stylish for all occasions.


The expertise that Adam Goldenberg has to offer when it comes to business ideas is unmatched. What Adam Goldenberg and his partner specifically are great at is raising funds for each business venture that they are involved in. Adam Goldenberg is known to raise over $40 million in just a short amount of time that was used to help build bigger and better businesses that all have the future in mind. The goal of the businesses that these men are involved with is to offer the consumer what they want and to make the consumer happy without breaking the bank in the process.


Another brand that Adam Goldenberg and his partner have worked hard on is a brand that has been growing at an exponential rate over the last few years. This brand is known as Fabletics and is a brand that was founded by Kate Hudson. As a mother, actress, as well as a model, Kate Hudson is always on the go and was happy to create a brand that is not only emphasizing the importance of style, but that also emphasizes the importance of comfort and looking great during any activity. http://rgtadvisors.com/bio/adam-goldenberg/

UKV PLC offers a simple guide the dazling French wines of the region

Wine can be found in most homes around the world as we speak. It is a favorite and pairs well with just about anything from chocolate to steak. France is certainly known for some of the best quality wine in world and every year thousands of people go there to sample this delightful drink of the gods. Here is UKV PLC’s guide to French wine that we get you saying “Oui oiu” to learn more: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09508939/filing-history click here.

Loire is located along the Loire river in northeaster France. It is the most diverse. Muscadet, can found by the ocean and is a light bodied white wine. Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc are found in the upper region of the Loire. Champagne is actually a place in France, and most people have not had true Champagne. That stuff you buy at the store is actually called cremant. True Champagne is grown at a high altitude and is double fermented. Burgundy is both red and white wine. Who would of known? The reds are Pinot noir and Chardonnay are the white wines.

Chardonnay has a light fruity and mineral flavor, white Pinot noir has complex, and earthy notes. Last, but certainly not least is Bordeaux. It is located on the coast and produces medium body red wine. Some of these wines are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec. Prices range from low to high and there are about ten thousand wine producers in the area.

UKV PLC paving the road for the sale and acquisition of the best wine and champagne in the world. They are a unique group of talented wine consultants based in the United Kingdom. If you chose to purchase investment grade wine with UKV PLC you can benefit from their array of services including: talking to a professional wine consultant, delivery, valuations, brokerage, storage and much more.

UKV PLC has a lively Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page that draws thousands of people to learn more about their favorite drink. They have tips about how to store your wine, what to pair it with, and just neat information about it. UKV PLC also sells Italian, Bordeaux, Spanish, Burgundy, and Champagnes for anyone looking to invest in quality wine.

How Oncotarget is making a Change in Scientific Research Through Peer-Review

Oncotarget is one of the most influential medical journals of the 21st century. Their primary focus is publishing articles and research findings on topics related to oncology. However, they have recently expanded their reach and are accepting publications in topics related to Neuroscience, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Metabolism, Cell Biology, Pharmacology, and many other areas.

The journal plays a very instrumental role mainly because the better part of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st century has been spent looking for therapies and cures for cancer and other life-threatening conditions. Governments have increased funding into scientific research and scientists are looking more deeply into stem cell research. Oncotarget believes that making scientific study results will be one of the most efficient ways to promote better scientific research. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

The papers published on Oncotarget are made available online on weekly issues, and in case one has a particular demand, they can have the documents printed. The move has helped the community of science to have free access to exceptional discoveries in science. As a result, another scientist can build on the already made discoveries to advance scientific research and solve problems that are still affecting clinical research. The success of the publication has been attributed to among other things, the presence of a sound and experienced team leading the editing and publishing of the journal.

It is the success they have had with oncology that has motivated the journal to expand their reach into other areas of scientific research. They are hoping that they will make an even greater impact on the community with the new move. The leadership of the magazine includes Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny, who are the editors in chief. The two are renowned scientists working with the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Other members of the Editorial Board include Frederick Alt of the Harvard Medical School, Carlo M. Croce from the Ohio State University and Arthur B. Pardee of the Harvard Medical School.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

The team hopes that they will manage to do even more to advance scientific research and consequently solve most of the medical problems facing humanity in the 21st century.

The 7 Most Tasty EOS Flavors

Lip balm is used for keeping lips smooth, adding cosmetic appeal, and as a form of sunscreen. EOS lip balm — the most popular type of lip balm available on the market today — is showcased in its innovative soft shel casing. The Evolution of Smooth brand offers a variety of safe, nontoxic ingredients for keeping users safe. Here’s a comprehensive description of the seven most popular, outright delicious flavors in this ever-popular brand of lip balm and other cosmetic features.


Organic Blueberry Acai

This specific flavor of Evolution of Smooth lip balm is crafted from nearly 100% organic ingredients, with only a 5% percent discrepancy for non-organic ingredients. The Acai flavor is crafted with natural, organic flavoring including Acai fruit extracts limonene and linalool.


Organic Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is made from an identical portion of organic ingredients, with only five measly percent made from ingredients not naturally occurring on this planet. EOS’s secret ingredient for this flavor is passiflora incarnate extract, taken directly from the passion fruit plant.


Organic Summer Fruit

This lip balm is housed in a bright red soft case, bringing together some of summer’s best fruits: blueberry, peach, and strawberry, shop now here on walgreens.com.


Visibly Soft Coconut Milk

This balm is made with real coconut and helps lips look and feel smooth.


Shimmer Smooth Sheer Pink

EOS’s sheer pink is infused with shine to help wearers look even more fabulous. Sheer pink looks a little like lipstick, therefore ideal for all occasions. You may also see updates on their facebook.com page.


Active Protection Lemon Twist

This lip balm sphere includes 100% real lemon zest along with SPF technology to block out sun.


Active Protection Fresh Grapefruit

Made from real grapefruit, this EOS balm is undoubtedly one of the most popular in today’s crowded product market, buy your lip balm here.


More exciting information here on http://blogwebpedia.com/beyond-lip-balm-eos-hacks-need-know.html/.


Clinical Pathways helps the CTCA to Provide High Quality Patient Care

There is no way that a cancer treatment can receive high quality care without having good records. The fact is that patient care and records go hand in hand. Records are important to patient care. It helps oncologists and other patient treatment specialists to analyze a patient’s treatment process. They can determine what works and was does not.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with NanaHealth and Allscripts to create Clinical Pathways which is a high-quality patient software program. This program can accurately trace patient treatment options. Oncologists can track what treatment options work and what does not.

They can figure out what type of treatment that a cancer survivor has received and what type of drugs or medications worked best for that individuals. If a specific type of therapy was used to help a patient in the past, that information can be recorded and used by treatment specialists now.

Clinical Pathways is also a great billing platform. This system is designed to charge for specific treatment options and processes. Charging accurate prices for various treatments helps cancer centers to stay on top of their overall expenses related to providing care.

Clinical Pathways is a platform that has been created by NanaHealth and Allscripts. These two organizations has teamed up with CTCA to ensure that patients receive the type of care that they provide. Keeping track of patient care is no easy matter but the Cancer Treatment Centers of America is on the job. They will provide high quality care to people with this new software platform.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

The Wide array of EOS balms

Lip balms may not seem like the most innovative or interesting product, but EOS has done a lot of work in reinventing it as a unique and compelling product. EOS started by introducing high quality ingredients and removing the artificial flavorings that limit many different lip balms, refer also to this site, eos-gnss.com. They created a new sphere applicator that provided a luscious application and was catchy and unique. Finally, they added many new and interesting flavors that had never been for sale before and were created in a tasty and different formula.


EOS lip balms are truly diverse in flavor and offer something for everyone, hop over to this link. There is a raspberry pomegranate flavored lip balm for those who enjoy powerful fruit flavored lip balms. For those who prefer applying more subtle flavors on their lips there is the honeysuckle honeydew flavor which is mild and subdued and has no lingering aftertaste. Sweet mint covers those who enjoy the refreshing flavor of mint, while more subdued fruit flavors are available in blackberry nectar and passion fruit. These are just a few of the flavors available and there are many other nuanced flavors in the spectrum to choose from. Click frenchtribune.com for more cool articles.


Basically, EOS has everyone covered to some extent and the simple challenge is finding the right flavor for your tastes. Most flavors have added vitamin E in their formula which helps to further protect and restore your lips from dryness related chapping and to protect them from the wind and sun. The higher quality nature of the ingredients that eos uses means that you will not need to reapply the lip balm over and over again and can gain some comfort that you are proactively protecting your lips in the right way, buy now at ebay.com.


So reach out and start trying EOS flavors until you find one that you love. Passion fruit is my choice but I have been impressed with all of the flavors that I have tried.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America in the Forefront Of Fighting Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America together with NantHealth and Allscripts have begun rolling out of a program that will see Eviti have access to workflows in the Allscripts EHR. Eviti is a clinical decision support system owned by NantHealth. This system is meant to stop any interference with the clinical workflow of the physician. The support system has a direct interface, which has data and information on cancer care. This data is collected from more than a hundred cancer-care institutions spread across America.

Eviti is supposed to clear any uncertainty among clinicians when dealing with cancer patients. This will be possible since it will be regularly updated with new information and research. The patients are able to choose the treatment options they feel are safe for them. The treatment platform gives comparisons on the various treatment methods available in order to give the patient the best deal.

The clinical support system will go a long way in bettering the quality and efficiency of cancer care. It will also help patients get approval from their health insurance providers, as the comparison of different treatment options will be available. The data in the system will be effective as it is comprised of more than 2700 cancer treatment options.

About CTCA

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has its headquarters at Boca Raton, Florida. It was, however, initially headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois before it was relocated in 2015. It has a network of five cancer hospitals in the United States. The hospitals are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Chicago, Phoenix, and Arizona.

CTCA was founded by Richard J Stephenson in 1988. The inspiration behind it was the death of her mother who succumbed to cancer. Richard was dissatisfied with the treatment his mother received while she was ailing, and he decided to come up with a better and efficient technology. Each of the CTCA’s hospitals has employed cancer experts as well as the use of the latest cancer treatment technologies. Some of the treatment options include surgery, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy.

For more information follow CTCA on Twitter.

How Securus Technologies have been resourceful in the provision of security

General Service Information

Securus Technologies is the best company in the current provision of technological solutions to civil and criminal justices. The company works by ensuring that the public safety is controlled. Several law enforcement agencies, the public, and other agencies depend on this company for the provision of technological safety which can be easily used. The company is composed of high-level engineers and technologists who focus on giving the best to the public and ensuring that the company comes second to none.

The uniqueness of the company

Securus offers revolutionary technology that is modern, relevant and very flexible. Different people have different needs, and because of the changing technology, the company evolved with our needs. With more than 140 patents, the Securus is very innovative and ready to engage people in their development. I have encountered some cases where the company welcomes the public to participate in enhancing the security of the country. With their technologies, Securus does not only provide their services in the United States but also expanding to other countries like Canada.

The integrity of the services

From the beginning of their operations, Securus has been dedicated to offering quality services to their customers. They ensure that they properly interact with the customers and engage the family members of the inmates to ensure them of total security. From my encounter with the services, the company is ready to involve friends of the inmates to ensure their maximum protection. Other than the individual services, the company equally works with different agencies. Their operation plan is open to every client, and this adds unto their trust and integrity.

Customer satisfaction

There are several cases where the company has used their technologies to help. The detention center in Texas applauds the services of the company for helping them with the law enforcement and disciplinary cases. The Sherriff’s office in New Jersey expresses its satisfaction with the company for helping them with the investigation process.