Matthew Fleeger: Attaining Growth in a Variety of Industries

Matthew H. Fleeger is currently employed as the Director, President, and Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He has extensive knowledge of business with his special areas of expertise including mergers and acquisitions, corporate structuring, and joint ventures. Fleeger has also been involved in leveraging and procuring funds to expand capital needs of small development and growth companies. His experience in the oil and gas industry spans several decades.

Educated at Southern Methodist University, Matthew Fleeger received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business with Marketing and Finance specializations from the Cox School of Business.

Matthew Fleeger got an early start in the gas and oil industry as he was able to learn from the hard work of his father who started a successful oil and gas company known as Gulf Coast Western in 1970. After graduating from college, Matt Fleeger went on to work at several different gas and oil companies based in the Texas area, including the one owned by his father. He continued his work in gas and oil from 1986-1993 when he decided to start his own business.

In 1993 Matt Fleeger established MedSolutions, Inc. This company was founded as a widely diversified holding company which was most highly specialized in the disposal, transportation, and treatment of medical waste. As CEO, President, Chairman, and Director between 1993 and 2007, Fleeger developed the company into quite a force within the healthcare waste management sector. In 2007 Fleeger proudly sold the company to industry leader Stericycle in the $59 million dollar range.

Interestingly, Fleeger also had an instrumental role in founding two successful businesses in the tanning industry. He co-founded Mystic Tan which has now grown into the largest franchises of spray-on tanning booths in the United States. Fleeger was additionally influential in growing Palm Beach Tan from a tiny six store operation into one of the biggest and most profitable operations for indoor tanning in the country.

Following the sale of MedSolutions, Inc., Matthew Fleeger launched his return into the gas and oil industry. As the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, possessing the distinct knowledge of acquisitions, mergers, make Fleeger an exceptional candidate to guide the company through an expected period of significant growth.

Fleeger is currently back in the oil and gas industry after selling his interests in his other companies and it will be exciting to watch what he does in his current position as President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western.

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Steve Ritchie is Listening to the Papa John’s Family

When Steve Ritchie took over as the CEO of the Papa John’s pizza chain, he had a difficult task facing him. He had to return the company to a positive image with the employees and with members of the pizza buying public. As part of his efforts to re-connect with the people at Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie decided to visit Papa John’s restaurants throughout the United States. He wanted to know what was on the minds of the employees and the franchise owners. He wanted to know what customers had been saying to the Papa John’s people in many parts of the country.

Among the cities that Steve Ritchie visited on his listening tour were Detroit, Dallas and Atlanta. One thing that Mr. Ritchie found out was that in many Papa John’s restaurants, the employees and the owners are like one big family. They care about each, and they all care about the community that they are a part of. They want the best for the people that come in and order pizzas.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns discovered that in the restaurants that he visited, everyone wants to put the past behind them. Both the owners and the employees are committed to moving Papa John’s forward. They want the company to have an even better future.

Steve Ritchie is going to continue to go to restaurants and listen to what his people are saying. He wants to know how the company can improve and make the changes that are necessary for Papa John’s to be the best company that it can be. Mr. Ritchie is committed to putting people first at Papa John’s (@PapaJohns). In fact, he has come up with a guiding principle that incorporates the letters PAPA. For Steve Ritchie and the leadership at Papa John’s, People Are Priority Always.

As Papa John’s move ahead, Steve Ritchie continues to state that Papa John’s isn’t about any one person. The company is about everyone who is associated with it from management, to employees to customers. View Steve Ritchie’s career history here.

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Hussain Sajawni, The Damac Owner, Discusses His Secrets To Success

Hussain Sajwani, the Damac owner, is currently the fourth richest Arab in the world but he wasn’t always so affluent and successful. So how has he managed to maintain such a massive empire? He recently sat down with Arabian Business to discuss how he runs his company and what he enjoys about his position. He was born in the early 1950’s to a father who ran a haberdashery and quickly realized his passion for entrepreneurship. He went on to become one of the first students sent to the United States on a scholarship and earned a Bachelor’s in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington. In the early 80’s, he began his career working in finance at one of the local gas industries and quickly began working his way up the corporate ladder.

When discussing his company, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, was quick to note that everyone pulls their own weight and there is no one single employee who keeps the company running smoothly. One of the things he enjoys most about working at his real estate company is seeing something go from merely a concept to becoming a reality. In his mind, there is nothing quite as gratifying as being able to stand back and admire the final product of their handiwork. One of the biggest decisions he ever had to make regarding his company is when he chose to go public with the company as that required a lot of internal adjustments within their corporation and left them open to scrutiny.

Hussain Sajwani, the Damac Owner, takes great pride in the diversity they have at their company as they currently have over 77 different nationalities represented within DAMAC and, as long as they maintain their ambition, he believes they can go as far as they want in this industry. When asked about whether he values education or experience more, he pointed out that he believes the two concepts go hand in hand and, as such, sees the two as equal. So we wish him the best of luck in the future of his company and his success. Check out this video featuring Sajwani on CNBC.

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Victoria Doramus Profession In The Media Industry

Victoria Doramus has a wide experience in the media sector consisting of an innovative job at Mindshare. She also served as a personal subordinate to a film producer, Peter Borg. In her educational background, she pursued a bachelors in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado. Her occupation initiated as a junior media organizer at Mindshare. The responsibilities in that position comprised discussing with market dealers and operating with the clients to build exclusive content.

After a period of time, she managed to become an innovative specialist at Stila cosmetics. Through this position, she had extra time to connect with the art executive on campaign developments. Victoria Doramus utilized three years at the Creative agency where she was able to structure and plan the entire private and occupational timetables. She also participated in periodic trade fairs for interacting and produced a unique context for the Cassandra Report. During that period, she handled a global network of specialists for focused discussions.

Victoria Doramus, a digital and print media professional, served as the top executive of Trendera. During her leadership, she executed hard work in sales and purchased new ventures for the version of Trendera documents. She created the Trendera product through online platforms and controlled the staff. Furthermore, she checked the structure and guaranteed they complied with the required standards. At her free time, she did numerous freelance writing and also wrote a variety of books.

In her philanthropic efforts, Victoria Doramus (@victoria_doramus) is a huge follower of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. The institution operates on eliminating the disgrace that captures the adults and also teaches them an addiction. She also supports and operates with Women’s Prison Association because it defends females. The institution comprises of more than 4000 ladies in New York penitentiaries. Moreover, it also enhances the options to imprisonment and assists them to avoid breaking the laws.

The organization also guides them on how to remain positive in the society. Room to Read is another charitable institution that she is functioning with. The worldwide institution is changing the existence of millions of kids in underdeveloped countries. It does so by being dedicated to literacy acquisition and secondary institutions for girls.

Who Is Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade who is the founder of CAOA is said to rewrite the history of the Brazilian Automobile Industry. CAOA is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cars in Latin America. Boris Feldman who is a radio host and journalist spoke again about the businessman Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade on his radio show ‘Car Talk.’ The radio show talks about motor racing and vehicles. Feldman recently on the Car Talk portal revisited an interview with Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade named Dr. Caoa’s dream where the term Dr. stands for the degree in medicine held by the current Chairman on CAOA. In that 2012 article, it stated that Dr. Carlos created the most controversy in the automobile industry in Brazil and ended saying that CAOA went further to invest in an industry in Anapolis (GO).

The editor of Car Talk Portal also asked Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade about his dream, and he stated that they want to borrow a few tips from the Koreans where they manufactured and copied Japanese products before upgrading and developing their own. They planned to create a new modern body for the Tucson using an agency in Italy and to negotiate with Fiat to give them a national engine for the Tucson. Six years down the line as Feldman revisits the article he attests that their strategy worked. CAOA did not precisely follow the Koreans mantra but went further by taking over Chery’s operation and keeping the Chinese as partners. This happened in Brazil last year.

Feldman also wrote in his new article about Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade that what seemed like a challenge to the Chinese came quickly to the CAOA group and the Chery operation trusted their credibility. Feldman goes on to say that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is a force to be reckoned with in the automobile industry and he is rewriting history as there were never any big factories only failed startups. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade knows what he is doing as the owner of CAOA because he has real experience.

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Infinity Group Australia Trains its Customers on how to Strike their Cash flow Balance

The clients of credit financing in Australia have finally found all the reasons to smile after the recent foundation of Infinity Group Australia. This is a financial institution that was founded by a couple, Graeme Holm and his lover, Rebecca Walker. They both had a common intention of liberating these customers who for a long time have been getting raw credit financing deals which they had no say in their constitution. The creditors and the financial institutions constituted the deals with their priority being making super-normal profits from the extortionate interest rates which they charged the clients. Throughout all this time, Holm and Rebecca were watching the plights of these customers as he worked in one of the largest financial institutions in the Australian capital.


This observation pushed Graeme to establish Infinity Group Australia with the primary goal being to negotiate more viable and reasonable financial deals for the customers to get a positive impact from the financial assistance that they sought instead of getting more impoverished. The other motive of the founders was to guide the clients as they repaid their loans and mortgage balances so that they could avoid misunderstandings with the lenders. This would also help in the repayment process whereby the clients were guided on the best ways to meet their debt obligations without straining a lot.


Graeme Holm’s initiative to guide the customers in these processes kicked off with the introduction of compulsory training to all loan customers. Any individual who sought financial assistance from Infinity Group Australia was subjected to rigorous training whereby they were trained in the most appropriate methods of handling the loans and how to repay the debts smoothly. One of the components of this training was debt management. The clients were trained in the management of the loans that they had borrowed from Infinity Group or any other financial creditor. This training has helped a lot of customers from the organization to afford to repay their loan and mortgage balances in time, contrary to what was the norm before.


Another essential component of the training is the preparation of budgets. The customers of Infinity Group Australia get the insights about the preparation of weekly budgets that help them to keep a perfect monitoring of their cash flows and hence maintain a sound balance between their general expenses and their total income. This way, they can afford to meet their debt obligations as well as those of their families adequately. Learn more :


OSI Industries global outreach plan

OSI Industries is one of the largest food producers in the world. The company which is now in 17 countries and operates over 65 food production plants has now employed over 20,000 employees. It is today ranked as one of the private companies in the United States with a high net-worth value. In the latest listing by the Forbes, OSI Group ranked number #58 out of the Top 100. The organization has a history and a reputation that cannot be matched by any other player in the industry. Due to the nature of the products they offer, they are able to attract clients from all over the world.

OSI Industries indicates that it is not interested in changing the taste and preferences of the people by helping them access quality foods that are in life with their tastes and preferences. There is a huge difference in how this company operates compared to the rest. They believe that they should leave the management of their businesses to the local community instead of taking over something that they may not be good at.

OSI has a global outreach for its products, and they are therefore able to supply their products to many parts of the globe. Clients who team up with them can get access to superior products that will meet the needs of the customer. Their food products require less preparation time, and food safety is guaranteed. The company has products that can satisfy every palate.

OSI Industries has over the years established strong bonds with many players in the food industry. All these are companies that the company that adds value to the work this company is doing of making the world food-secure. It has taken efforts to build a brand that will be appreciated in North America, Asia and many other parts of the globe. OSI Group is aggressively expanding its influence in other parts of the globe.

The efforts that have been taken by OSI Industries to grow its influence in different parts of the globe has been taken under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin. He has been the most consistent figure in the management of this company. Since he joined this company in the 1970s, he has consistently been part of the team that has implemented transformative decisions in the company. Sheldon Lavin is still at the helm of leadership in this company and is committed to taking the company to a higher level of growth despite being in his twilight years.

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Ara Chackerian, a rare combination of entrepreneurial skills and philanthropy

Ara Chackerian is a well-known entrepreneur angel investor and philanthropist. He is also the incumbent Managing Director of ASC Capital Holdings, a privately held, limited liability company that finances health-related organizations, especially those that are in their early stages. He targets small companies with a demonstrated commitment to revolutionize health care services in the United States. Chackerian is also one of the founders of BMC Diagnostics, a firm that deals in imaging products and related services. BMC Diagnostics is long-time supplier of medical and health products.

Ara Chackerian is an richly experienced business person in the health industry. Before he joined ASC Capital Holdings, he had served in management positions in healthcare oriented companies. He served at Health Diagnostics LLC as the Executive Vice President, Research and Development. He was the Chief Executive Officer President of BMC Diagnostics. He is remembered for negotiating through the acquisition of BMC by Health Diagnostics in 2007. He was the founder of Embion/ProviderLinks and, served at Pipeline Health Holdings, LLC as the Executive Chairman. Chackerian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Management, Florida State University.

Ara Chackerian is also well-known for his philanthropic efforts. Much of his humanitarian work is focused on education projects for the youth, environmental initiatives and, community-owned programs. One of his signature charitable projects is the Limonapa Teak. The project utilizes agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly, in a bid to enhance, rather than spoil the environment. The farm is a vital source of employment for the local community.

Chackerian explains that the idea to establish ASC Capital Holdings was a result of the inspiration to extend his health care experience. This desire was actualized by the opening of an outpatient center for diagnostic radiology in another healthcare field. He and his partner spent over a decade to establish network centers in California. It was upon the advice of long-term friends that they developed a keen interest in outpatient psychiatry space. They narrowed in on a new device-based depression known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Chackerian believes that TMS is the third pillar in psychiatric care and treatment. TMS supplements talk therapy and medication. You can follow their Twitter page.



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Communication is a skill and a talent that an entrepreneur must utilize and should be improved with time. This was a sentiment given by a long time California resident and founder of Managed Benefits Services, Krishen Iyer. Krishen is a well-known entrepreneur for his knowledge in digital marketing, client relations, and technical development. He is a vast reader and suggests a book for entrepreneurs by Stephen King’s.



Krishen has been the sole contributor to the success of Quick Link Marketing before it became Managed Benefits. The company connected different clients to companies capable of meeting clients’ marketing needs. Krishen Iyer’s acumen made him prosper in his academics as both a student in Grossmont College and also in San Diego State University. His acuity nature is what led him to work with Quick Link Marketing and later transiting it to Managed Benefits Services. Despite his busy plans, Krishen Iyer is a philanthropist who practices activities such as park cleanups, offer sponsorship and provides support to humanitarian crises.



The concept of Quick Link Marketing as brought to light by Krishen Iyer came as a solution to the pressing need, which was connecting clients to companies available and which were able to avail their solutions. He continued to explain how communication is a key aspect in an entrepreneur and is what he uses to bring ideas to life in his endeavors. His inquisitive nature to all kinds of people with ideas has given him an upper hand as an entrepreneur and has taught him people have different views, which can be used for your advantage. Krishen refutes to use the term failure and says that he sees it as a stepping stone and uses it to overcome future problems. All these were given in an interview on an online platform called IdeaMensch for makers and entrepreneurs.

Michael Lacey: A Life Dedicated to Mathematics

Michael Lacey is a mathematician from the United States. He was born on September 26, 1959. In 1987, he received his PhD from the University of Illinois His thesis centered around the complex area of the probability in Banach spaces.

He was under Walter Philipp during his work for his PhD. Most of his postdoctoral work took place at Louisiana State University and University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill. In those years he also worked on issues related to harmonic analysis, probability, and ergodic theory. During his time at UNC, Lacey and his mentor Walter Philipp added proof to the central limit theorem.

He took his first permanent position at Indiana University from 1989 to 1996. During his time at Indiana University Michael Lacey was honored with receiving the National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship.

It was at this time, under the fellowship, that he began to study the Bilinear Hilbert Transformation. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

This research eventually led him to winning the Salem Prize along with Christoph Theile. This was a huge accomplishment because at the time this subject was just an assumption made by notable colleagues at the time. Since his time in Indiana he has been a Professor of Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology.

He continues to receive many honors and recognitions including the GuggenHeim Fellowship in 2004 with his partnership with Xiaochun Li. The American Mathematical Society honored him with a fellowship in 2012.

Michael Lacey’s career has been full of important discoveries to the world of mathematics and academics as a whole.